Post Election – Eye on Life

The 2020 election has ended, right before we were pushed off the cliff edge, into the jagged stone valley below.

We survived – yet, as we celebrate a long overdue sapient change in leadership, peering through the smoke with bloodshot eyes, we realize that the tribes across the field are plotting violent, or bullheaded retaliations, for fabricated allegations.

Our urgent wish, is that the cool north winds of wisdom, will blow away the heated, hate filled haze of games & blames – at least to a degree, where logic has the time, to temper the tantrums.

This hope however, is soaked in a cold sober truth, both shocking and saddening, as what was revealed, like a keenly anticipated yank of sheet from a mysterious form, was a monstrous, twisted vulnerability. A human frailty which affected 70 million souls, down to the bone, in one continent alone.

Myths, which we had hoped were the last drying remnants of prehistoric tribal tendrils, cracked and withering away in what we believed was an age of enlightenment, were not stubs at all, but stubborn, thorny weeds.

These living fossils remain standing between groups of humanity – and our bright potential as a sapient species.

The roots, so thirsty for water they were, drank deeply from a river of polluted sludge, diverted there by a con, whose naked aim, was to use their vines to climb and blot out the life giving sun, with his enormous ego, his insatiable appetite for adulation. 

So, here we remain entrenched in a manufactured war.

War, is tied to an idea, that the demise in numbers on one side of a conflict, correlates to an equal rise of life, on the other side.

This war is however, is of a different kind.

Despite the self-serving rhetoric, this is a war of beliefs, not territory or races, or even culture – as when ethnicities or cultures blend, neither are destroyed, but both are enhanced. This fact is grounded in history, in microbiology, and in measures in the spices of life.

Any groups who believe otherwise, will not only fail in their attempts to start widespread physical conflicts, but will dismantle the bridge to a better day, for those they claim to be fighting for.

This is the overlaying reality of our situation, which is both our plight, and our key – we are at war with people who like us, believe that they too, are fighting for the survival of their families.

The love of family, is a universal truth, as is the fact that we are of one human family – thus will rise, or fall, together.

As detachment from family leads to deterioration and destruction – the strengths and stability of unity, immediately bestows the substance of Life.

So let them meet us, learning by live example about who we are, thus who they are – versus allowing the herders to continue whispering their xenophobic myths & misconceptions about both – leading them for greed of power, and against their own self interests.

Let us go in bearing gifts, with respectful steps through their sensibilities, neither predator, nor prey, sharing, with open ears, open hands and hearts, seeing a magnificent people, with open eyes, full of recognition and appreciation, of the beauty, the genius, the humor, the history – the Life,.. that bursts forth like a colorful fruit orchard – from all the branches of humanity. 

As we are ambassadors of sapience, with a species mindset, keenly aware of our responsibility not only to those today, but they who will come tomorrow. 

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru