Unmasking Reality – with Actuality

Trust or mistrust in ourselves, in others, and in life, should never be blind.

The degrees in our discernment of reality, are indicators of our future prospects for longevity, and quality of Life, not only as individuals, but as a species.

Rising from common sense, to intelligence, to wisdom, are steps most believe are the natural progressions from childhood, to adulthood, to the age of maturity. Yet, as we can plainly see today, this is clearly not the case.

We like to think of ourselves as modern, sophisticated beings, yet at any given moment, we can witness multi-millions of human minds cult manipulated, and mobilized by illogical or maniacal rhetoric, mislead into marches, and even into mindless tribal violence.

Exploding plagues of mental viruses, are imprisoning minds in alternate realities.

Reality has been rendered unreal, in the mentalities of millions, because we lacked the ability to see life for ourselves, having to rely on the words of others.

These words are unfortunately full of distorted us-vs-them concepts.

These flight of fight fears are so problematic, that numerous countries are being split apart at the seams, to the point of civil wars.

The inability to see the road of reality, is called – Belief. And What is Belief, but a willingness to accept and swallow, unproven ideas – as Facts?

Think about that.

We as rational beings, are told take irrational real life actions, or inaction in our lives – in reality – based on unproven notions and fiction.

Allowing of our thoughts and actions to be remote controlled, is seriously dangerous, not only for us as individuals, but to society as a whole.

Giving up the power over our lives to anyone who pushes the correct set of buttons, renders us no more than gears in destructive machines, devouring precious human lives, and resources on a path to total annihilation.

The most frightening aspect of this phenomenon, is an accompanied cruelty, a dehumanization of large swaths of human beings – who are viewed as vermin to eradicate. We have seen this before, and know what follows. 

Is this alarming trend due to an overload of information, which, thanks to the internet, explodes like fireworks with twisted words and distorted images?

Yes, and No.

Though it is true, that misinformation has never before been so easy to disseminate – reality is there as well, readily available for us to grasp, even though the glare of gibberish.

We only need the ability to view the reality of what surrounds us.

This give us the ability to discern fiction from reality – practicality and rationality.

We call it, a Sky Eyes View.

As Reality – with regards to our lives, comes in from Three sources –

Reality about You; about Others, about Life itself.

Let us begin with You.

The Reality of You

First of all – the most basic understanding as an intelligent being, is this: No one is born to destroy themselves, their species, or their home. If this simple fact, was not reality, the human species would have been long extinct, because unfortunately, we are all too powerful in our ability to do damage. Destruction is Simple – Construction is Difficult.

Second – We all are born with brilliant, and varied sets of tools, to solve problems, and beautify the world. For what other reason are these amazing abilities, than for making a smoother, and livelier path for those around us, and for those who will follow?

Why else are we happiest, and healthiest, when we are in the positive groove?

Obviously the heart of who you are as a Human being is – a Life Sculptor.

So many millions of people feeling lost, desperate, despondent, without purpose, is due to a loss of this most basic truth – As our instincts are without language, and speak to us with feelings.

This moral core of working towards a better world, is not simply some mystical concept, but logical foresight, which reveals our thoughts as – the seeds of words, and deeds, which are the crops of our future needs.

Though It is true, that We all make mistakes – We, are not, our mistakes.

Who we are – is what we think – and what we think, translates into what we say – and ultimately, into what we do.

No one can tell you who you are – because you, have the ability to change your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

Thus – the reality of you, is a golden core – in flux maybe, though controlled only by you.

So never give up, as it’s never too late to step on the road to Life – as Every moment, is a chance for a new beginning. 

Third – We are all here today, by the grace and genius of our deep sapient core, all having survived by the kindness and sacrifice of our human family, long forgotten or ignored.

We all owe a deepest of debts to the Family of Humanity – not just your immediate family but to the species. More on this below.

The Reality of Others -The reality of you, is likewise true for everyone.

Thus, no one can define any branch of humanity – with the categories, or labels, which we have have stamped into groups of human beings – such as colors, ethnicity, nationality, genders and such.

As a matter of fact – the defining nature of Humanity is moral, compassionate, intelligent, creative. They are the traits which have allowed our species to survive countless catastrophic events in our history.

Emergencies draw out the nature of a people, of a species.

Genetic and geological scientists tell of one such time in human history. Approximately 70,000 years ago, a super titanic eruption, spewed clouds of volcanic ash and noxious gases into the air. These pollutants rose into through earth’s atmosphere, blotting out the sun, and causing a volcanic winter, lasting between 6 to 10 years. Numerous humans, animals and plants were killed off in a bottleneck extinction event.

A terrifying time which just about ended the human story. Our population dwindled down to as few as 3,000 souls. There is genetic evidence, that today’s humans, are descended from a very small population of as few as 1,000 breeding pairs, that existed between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago. The offspring of these survivors, eventually migrated throughout the world.

If true, we made it through a marathon of horror. A dangerous nightmare of deadly attacks in cold darkness, from night adapted predators. All this during a time of unimaginable scarcity of resources, which forced us out into the open, away from the safety of shelter.

What select characteristics would have allowed us to make it through such a long dark night, to reach that awe inspiring rising sun?

It could only be because of our group pulled together, innovated, and supported one another – or obviously our kind would have perished.

If we had turned selfish, apathetic, and violent toward each other, as in our behavior of late – we wouldn’t be here to ponder the question – as chaos and destruction against ones own kind, is ultimately, self destruction.

If not for our core human traits of determination, creativity, and compassion, we would be long extinct.

As a matter of fact, those qualities which allowed the few humans to survive that terrible time, as most other humans were weeded away, are our legacy.

In our genetic code, passed down to us, is the DNA of continuance – precious core attributes, which reveal themselves today when we are facing catastrophe. There are numerous examples of humans coming together to help one another during times of crisis. All the artificial barriers between us, crumble away, when facing tragedy.

Yet in fact, though some of us tend to forget, we are always dependent upon Humanity.

For the human infant especially, survival hinges on the human family. This truth never changes, as we are always reliant on others, to truly Live, and not merely exist.

Survival, always has, and always will require that we work in unison, towards common goals, for the common good – from the most vulnerable up, as the soil must be nourished, lest the plant dies.

Therefore – the proven reality of Humanity is – Sapience. An understanding that love & compassion, or apathy & hate, ultimately decides our fate.

These are our Human Values – which we have a sacred responsibility, to pass along to our descendants – unaltered by manufactured mind viruses.

The Reality of Life – The vast majority of what we experience, and call Life – is a result of the structures and actions of humans.

Thus Life – is what we decide it is, as individuals, families, communities, societies, and as a species.

We have the tools and the power to beautify, or destroy our lives, and this world.

Life – is not some immovable block outside of our control – Life is what we make it, what we shape it to be.

The pitfalls and potholes in Life, are but markers, pointers to situations requiring our attention, on the road to a better world. 

Unmasking Reality with Actuality – Once we recognize the true nature of Ourselves, of Humanity, and of Life – Then reality cannot be veiled, shelled or shifted.

Once these most basic of truths are understood, clarity brings recognition, that calls for separation, are calls to weaken us – calls for hate is, self destruction – for group demonetization, ignorance of individual wrongs – for apathy, a shortsighted moral disease – and the destruction of any branch of our human family, lacking foresight, a circle, which eventually leads back to the perpetrator.

All are the above, are obviously, against the Reality of Life.

As the Human Species, will either rise together, or we will go extinct together, because today, as in the past, there are forces in nature, and the cosmos which do, and will demand our compassion, consensus, and our cooperation – as a species.

Pandemics, Plagues, Floods, Famines, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Eruptions, Explosions, Water shortages, Pollution, Poisons, Disturbances in ecological balance, Global warming, Asteroids, Shifts of magnetic fields, Solar flairs, Hate, and numerous complications we can yet conceive of, are always a threat to humanity’s survival.

With our staggering population, humanity can no longer afford to be an enemy to ourselves.

We as Humans, have a God like ability to shape matter, and reality, to ring the bell, turning this world into a Paradise – or into a Hell.

Let us live up to our Sapient ancestors, and choose the former.

Our opportunities for community, security and prosperity, diminish, or rise, according to the extent of our human family ties.

“Take a Sky Eyes view~!”

Atlas Teru