What is Sapient?

What does it mean to be – Sapient?

~ GIQ ~


“Genuine Intelligence, or Sapience, isn’t defined in human-created puzzles, or designed into technology – but is discovered, or developed in one’s ability, and affinity for contemplation, into period, place, and purpose – towards the universal cultivation, celebration, and continuation of ~ Life.” –Atlas Teru

What are the basic mental and moral standards, of what it means to be – what every culture in the world calls ourselves – The Human Beings?

How about a Sapient Being?

There has never been as crucial of a time, for us to finally define, and as a species – draw the line.

The glaring lack of this life-or-death line, has been the bane of our existence throughout history, where animal behaviors, the likes of carnivores, parasites or sloths, cross over to invade the realm of humanity, with deadly impunity.

In this age of nuclear, biological and easy travel, the absence of the vital true life standard, of it means to be human, now threatens our very existence

This is not to condemn the animal kingdom, as they were given but one natural method to subsist.

Not true for Humanity, granted numerous paths to survive and thrive, in cultivating, domesticating, gathering, sharing resources and insights, planing ahead, migrating, and adapting.

Most astonishingly, we were gifted a God like power, to shape matter, turning the haze of our dreams, into living reality, giving us the ability to shape all Life on the planet including each other’s.

– Naturally, we’re to use our Lives, never to diminish, but to enhance Life.

This awesome endowment however, like all additions or subtractions to life, has been wisely balanced by an equally heavy obligation there are grand responsibilities we take on – We, are Responsible, for that which we create, or destroy.

In short, “with great power – comes – greater responsibility.”

Not at all true for the animals, which we have reduced ourselves into emulating, then running away from our obligations.

We’ve even written a flimsy excuse for this miserable weakness, that says: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, which is a destructive falsehood, as there are millions of examples daily, of people with power wielding it with love, foresight and wisdom. It’s called – Parenthood.

No more excuses, and we need to once and for all, seal off that open crack which allows animal behavior, to seep in, and infect vulnerable minds.

Today we’re at a tipping point, the twisted image of humanity has pushed us to the cliffs edge.

By poor examples, horrid, inhuman behavior has become normalized.

Murder, War, Hate, Exploitation, Assaults, Theft, Vandalism, Road Rage, Harassment, and Trolling, while nuclear weapons are developed by rogue nations, adding to the ever growing itchy trigger fingers to our extermination.

But it’s not too late for us, and there’s no need, to march in the streets, go to war, or even to rise into anger.

We will prove to you, that all we need do, is come to realize, what, and who we are, as a species.

The problems are not with Humanity – but in who, and what, we allow to represent us.

As all we know to be, is what we hear, experience and see.

This non profit organization’s mission, is to finally reveal, unveil, the humane reality of Humanity. 

From local Humanity museums, to every available means to reach out, we will finally define our human kind.

Because – Clarification in the meaning of Human, Means The Cultivation, The Celebration, and The Continuation of Being Human.

Be a part of the solution, be yourself, be Human – Join us~!