The Life Line: Life Above – Death Below

~The choices in life are not difficult to see, if you know where to look. We are constantly either adding to Human Life, pushing it above the death line – or Diminishing Human Life and pulling it down below.

Recognize the absurdity in attempts to boost Human Life on one side – and tear it down the other. It’s basic math – We cannot add a Life by taking another Life.

A view from the sky will only see: One Life being renewed, One Life being stolen away. A zero percent gain in Life, but a gain in evil a bloody mark on Karma – as whatever we toss into the wind either good or bad, will come back to us or our descendants.

Realize the obvious – Our petty excuses and rationalizations for evil are meaningless in the grand design of Life, which only sees the propagation or the destruction of Life.

Adding to, or Diminishing Life, need not always be dramatic. It can, and is at most times incremental, so small that we barely notice.

A look of distrust or a smile – a cutting word or a kind word – the failure to acknowledge a courtesy, or appreciation – aggressiveness or graciousness – apathy or empathy.

There a million ways to add to Life, to Beautify Life. It’s not complicated.
We only need to let go of the excuses, strip away the rationalizations, and Life becomes simple.

A clearly defined Life Line – between the Sides of Life & Death.

Life above Death below – There is only One choice, and this we know.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Wonderful Artist: Unknown

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