Survival of The Wisest

The base nature of humanity is to survive.

Some believe, thanks to Darwin, that this basic fact equates to: Take what you can, no matter from woman or man, from child or beast – That brute strength justifies a stolen feast.

Yet such notions are from the animal kingdom, totally out of place in the realm of Humanity – it’s Inhuman, and ultimately suicidal.

Human Survival is not about the teeth and claws of taking, we have tools far beyond, like sharing information and assistance, which is foresight, the power to see past the moment – Without these human abilities, humanity would be extinct.

When the ones with information and resources to share, do so with those in need, our species moves forward indeed – A simple truth, which creates a circle of Life.

Conversely – Like a crop torn out by the roots – to take by force creates loops of deadly strife – As Life is a series of circles.

Our World, This Life, is Circular – always returning back to us, whatever we throw into the wind.

Our Lives are bound in a Cycle – As we arrive vulnerable babies – and leave as vulnerable elders . Thus we Begin and End our lives in the care of others – and in Between – we serve to Love and care for both.

So though it is true, That by sending love into the circle of Life, we assure our own personal survival, The Wise, go beyond Survive – to Thrive.

When we Fully Bloom with Love for All – more times than not – we need not wait for winter to reap our crops. As daily acts of giving Love & Hope, create daily gifts for us to open sip & circulate.

Like a butterfly sampling sweet nectar from flower to flower, and carrying pollen along the way, we create new gardens for our kind, to partake in the harvest of Life.

Practicing this simple Practicality – Paradise Proliferates, in more than just name but in Actuality !

~Survival of the Wisest – The Undisputed Truth & Reality for the Longevity of Humanity.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru