Past the illusion of Tribes

~Past the Illusion of Tribes to where Paradise Resides.

There is a powerful illusion like a magician’s curtain, hanging in front of our eyes, which in the historical timeline, is very recent.

Though the past was far from perfect, the divisions were based on the ignorance of gender.

Today the blinding patch of gender, has been combined with many other patches, like the myth of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, and many more, to create a patchwork curtain, which has divided us into many select groups, for the purpose of giving power, to a few.

Some of us refuse to be categorized, though most have unknowingly accepted our cages.

Though not all become soldiers for the boxes we were placed into, the very acceptance of our containment, is enough to keep the walls in place.

The results of our imprisonment in these boxes, are evident.

A segmented people are a powerless people. Powerless to see beyond the walls, and therefore the images from outside of our enclosures, are manipulated by the cage keepers.

We are Powerless to make sweeping change to our world. because our numbers are limited. Powerless to control our own destinies, as our cages have no wheels, steering mechanisms, or windows to see the road ahead.

Yet the Supreme Truth of our reality, is that our walls are but illusions of the mind.

The clear and glaring reality – is that we are all the same.

The only differences, are in our perceptions of who is family, and therefore worthy of our love and respect.

The ultimate knowledge – is the fact that we are but on species, which has been divided by artificial barriers.

These dams are blocking the free flow of knowledge, of partnerships, friendships, love and the power to prosper as a species.

When we dismantle the walls, and use the bricks to build bridges, a time will arrive when we can share all of our unique talents and insights which were gleaned when we walked away from one another to populate the earth.

Once we combine our gifts, we will complete the Paradise Puzzle here on earth, as we are the pieces, and the puzzle is life.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Art By: Balazs Szabo