You’re a Seed Planter – What is your crop?

We are the constant gardeners of our lives, and of this world. Like seeds placed into our mother earth, each one takes root, and grows.

The process is slow, and seems only to grow when our attention is elsewhere; but grow, it does. Even within the act of inaction, are seeds with a wide ranging reach; as plots of time not seeded with productive plants, will grow wild, with weeds of chaos.

We are born with the seeds of Life, which are: Love – Beauty – Wisdom – Creation – Unity. The artificial seeds which are secreted into our bags, are seeds of Death, which are: Fear – Hate – and Apathy.

Apathy, is the most dangerous, of all the seeds of death.

Fear can be soothed with cool waters of Love, which will prevent the fires of Hate, from breaking out. Yet a smiling sleeper, in apathetic slumber, is like a buried boulder, difficult to move.

A smooth talker, Apathy tells us to relax, sit back; that we can do nothing to improve this world. It makes us believe, that we are good people, as long as we aren’t contributing to evil.

Yet apathy knows, that evil hides and feeds, grows and breeds, in the cabinets of its kitchen. Apathy tells us, that we are not responsible for any lives but our own, or our family; when in fact, we are one human family; thus what affects one, eventually affects all.

All the while, apathy consumes us from within.

If we do break free of apathy’s restraints, and try to take action for a larger purpose – apathy simply smiles, as it has a perfect plan for this situation. Apathy attempts to limit our care and love, to those that share some innocuous external features, ethnicity, religion, nationality, region of descent, or whatever wall, it can find in our mind.

It apathy succeeds in this ruse, it slyly grins, knowing that nothing will be accomplished, but adding a recruit to another side of a war against human unity; and without unity, humanity will destroy itself in civil wars.

So you see, we human seed planters must constantly tend our bags, removing all seeds of death, as whenever we go, we are always planting, whether consciously, or unconsciously.

Keeping a clean seed bag, will make the difference in our lives, and our world – Between a toxic dump where only strangling weeds can survive – and a magnificent garden where all Life is Sacred.

~There is only One Race – the Race between the Life and Death – of our species !

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru