Whether against Asians, or any other group, Hate is Hypocrisy in it’s most evil and ignorant form.

So there are those who believe it justified, to hate, hurt, and even kill other people based on a shared skin color or some such non-existent link, to someone that made a mistake, or did some evil deed.

If hate based on blurry exterior similarities is justifiable to these people, then they too are guilty of some offense, as are we all.

Every Human Alive today shares backgrounds, colors, ethnicity, nationality or some other such nonsensical skin deep resemblance to leaders, or individuals who are guilty of ignorant or inhuman crimes.

Mistakes or evil acts, from leaders or individuals, are not transferrable to any other person or persons, but lay directly at the feet of the perpetrators.

Attempting to push responsibility beyond the limited barriers of the doers, is in itself a pure evil, and places one in league with the worst of the worse, and continues a spewing of species destructive chaos into our world.

In other words, the haters are in fact dealing in what they themselves claim to be against. It’s Hypocrisy in the most blatant form!

This is especially true for those who have been on the receiving end of hate, but are now throwing it at others.

Victims of hate, of all people, should know better than to perpetrate it.

Those who have experienced hate and prejudice, have an education on how unjust, and deadly it can be. These lessons are fuel for the determination to cure the disease of hate. As to circulate it, only gives rise to more of the same.

In addition – Lashing out with anger is not the release valve that one may assume it is. There is no satisfaction in returning evil favors, especially to the undeserving. It’s hollow at best, and is met with self destructive infused guilt, as Karma settles all debts.

There is No Excuse for Hate.

Hate: A mental virus which circulates in this circular world, eventually reaching back to those who unleash it.

Hate: A fate that awaits those who unlock that crimson gate.

So Do the Sapient thing, and let the cycle stop with you.

The Sapient world we desire, requires breezes of love to cool the heat of hate’s fire.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

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