Escape the Hate

We all make mistakes in our lives, and these failures can hold us in circular patterns.

The vast majority of the misjudgments in our lives, are rooted in trusting and believing in what others have told us, either about ourselves, about others, or about the nature of life.

Though it’s human to take missteps, it’s also human to learn from our errors, then to walk away in alternate directions.

Redirecting ourselves is how we grow. Our cuts and bruises heal, the patches of scar tissue, eventually forming into a cocoon – which if we allow, surrounds us in a shell of contemplation, of our past miscalculations.

Once we digest our blunders, and are willing to let them go, then the time of transformation begins, allowing us to break free of the shells of the past.

Once liberated, we rise on new wings of sapient reason, into a new blue sky, in a fresh spring season.

The crucial mistake which prevents us from making this beautiful metamorphosis, is to double down on our misconceptions. Believing our investments of time, money, and emotions are too valuable to waste – is to recognize too late of their heavy weight, which drags us down into the deepest oceans.

Some of us are pulled into groups of people who share our erroneous beliefs. Relationships built with stones of myth, erecting walls against reality.

These Walls are said to be fortresses – however they are in fact, prisons.

What we allow ourselves to believe, confines us to a circle of stumbles. Into lives of either futility, destruction, apathy, anger and hate – or to positive purpose, peace and love. In short – To Hell or Happiness.

To Share hell, or to share Happiness with people, is not a difficult choice to make.

Can we not agree that the purpose of Life, is the Improvement of Life?

So the family of negativity you leave behind, will be compensated a thousand fold by a true new family, of positivity, and of Life. As a life off track, is not living, it’s merely existing, in a dark and dank dungeon.

In future – when the road you are on forks in two directions, you will discover that our choices, are not as complicated as we are led to believe.

As there are but two choices in this world –

Choosing to believe in hate and destruction as an answer to the problems of Life – or the growing majority, who understand that our thoughts, emotions and actions are only seeds which give birth to more of the same – thus choose production over destruction.

In other words – Life is what we create together, by how we treat each other – and our world.

So walk or fly away, to a better day – and not just for yourself, but for Humanity as a whole – as you, are an essential part of our Sapient family – with some gift that you, and you alone own.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru