Into the Clarity of Reality

Finding fact over fiction, and truth over lies, to reach Reality – is crucial to living a Life, in the dawn of light, distanced from the darkness of ignorance.

Only with clarity of vision, can we navigate, survive and prosper.

Every clear sighting of fact, is a solid perch to step upon, on our ever constant climb, up the jagged cliff of existence.

Both individually, and as a species, every fact we pull from obscurity, allows us to understand, cure, repair, locate, plan, decide and move forward with insight, towards Sapient purpose.

Though when peering through the clouds of Life, it is always exceedingly difficult to discern Reality, from faulty perceptions – today, that aim has become nearly impossible.

How can we see, when our eyes are burning, from the smoke rising of fires stoked, in digital tribal huts, passing like embers, from mind to mind?

As witnessed recently, a rhetoric fueled pack of matchsticks, lit a hostile takeover attempt, of our long standing democratic governing system.

Our democracy is threatened, by a man who would be king, a dictator worshiping dictator.

He accomplished this feat, by twisting the very concept, of what it means to be a patriot.

The definition of Serving one’s nation, was distorted  and divided  by political rails – discarding the core, the truer meaning of shared mindset, of values, and of heart.

This twisted narrative, has spread like a mental fire, that we are finding impossible to extinguish.

Like struggling to save a dried out forest from burning down, there are millions of people stoking vulnerable minds, with the fire of hate, and doing so from hidden underground burrows.

We can’t effectively fight these fires by simply reacting, we must be proactive.

Attempting to address every myth, misconception and lie – is an ever increasingly desperate tap dance, on millions of erupting fires.

Yet, we needn’t stomp and skip until our soles burn to ash – As the only way to protect the dry forests in the minds of the masses, is by mental hydration.

A green mind isn’t easy as susceptible to the sparks of lies, and is flexible enough to stand, without breaking under pressure. 

Addressing the causes is key, as prevention is always the key to Life.

So what are the causes?

We like to tell ourselves that ignorance is always to blame, this is true to an extent, however it’s more complicated than that.

We are all vulnerable to deception, in our own unique ways.

One might say that it’s Human to trust in others, as where would we be if alone, and on our own?

We all ask, and believe in what we hear, if those ideas come from those we trust.

Yet, what is belief – but the acceptance of unproven concepts, as facts?

Belief – that undefined entity, that crafty compass we allow, like a duplicitous leader, to direct our daily Lives.

Beliefs wield the most influence over our individual Lives, of our societies, and ultimately over our species.

Our beliefs control where and how we Live, what we feel, and what we do – yet we rarely, if ever, take the time to examine and protect our minds from these mental viruses.

Today, more than any other time in Human history, we’re attacked from every direction, with suspicions and conspiracies.

It makes sense, to at least listen to the warnings, as we never know what evil or destruction is coming our way – and that, is the open door which leaves vulnerable.

The manipulators are banking on a few facts that they keenly understand. Mystery about the ‘Other’ morphs into Suspicion, which always leads to Fear, and then to Hate, which then can be sparked into violence.

These armies, these mobs have been tended for decades, some since the end of the civil war, waiting for the time to unleash them.

One fact obscured in these fears, however, is that these weaponized lies are not only destructive against their targets, but against those who wield them.

Another hidden fact, is that bravery, the wisdom to go beyond the rhetoric, to discover for oneself the reality about the ‘other’, is rewarded with treasures beyond measure – from a peace of mind, to friendships, opportunities, and most of all, an understanding about the true nature of Humanity.

The overall reaching reality of Life, is the fact that – all we need, all we require, to live peaceful and prosperous Lives, is Each Another.

Our social media services, our societal services can be used properly, to link problems with solutions – which equates to Humans connecting with Humans, in genuine fashion – not in the superficial ways we now believe that social media, or society is limited to – but to assemble in real time, pieces of our daily Life puzzles together, with Sapient purpose.

These positive actions will be like water quenching plants in drought, the fires of hate, will prove difficult to ignite.

All of us – hold the answers to each other’s problems – And with unity, comes not only an influx of solutions – but the ultimate power of numbers.

Join the Sapient Revolution – and be one with the Solution.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

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