Humanity Unified is Life Beautified

Human Life void of Insight is no different than the Life of insects in flight – they are but meals for birds and bats.

See the lowly snails and the story they tell – attempting to cross the road with cars, human feet and burning sun all against them – yet they feel protected, in their fragile shells.

This is the reality the plight of Life, without insight.

Without a combined realization, to the circumstance of our species as we stagnate with ambiguity, we are the insect, hunted exposed and crossing dangerous roads with only the illusion of security.

We have the means to view what surrounds us – Yet we do not, so progress, confounds us.

We have the power to communicate – Yet we rarely do enunciate thus, and change our fate.

We can see listen & learn better than any living thing – Yet we close our eyes and ears to anything which does not comfort bring.

There are insights dispersed across the globe – Yet we keep them in our minds, as if those living outside of our walls, are not of our human kind.

We have the ability to turn this world into whatever our imaginations can dream – Yet we dream only of things, not of peace and beauty, or of ways and means.

We need not burn like standing lumber – As we have power of numbers enough, to create paradise in one day – Yet in only one way, which is Unity. So Unity we must say – lest this essential truth hide away.

Please do not misunderstand my words – As what you see in front of that which is missing, are all the tools all the abilities, and all the power and conviviality – to turn a dream of Eden into a solid reality.

I know it will happen – as I have seen how humanity joins together, when we face destruction – it’s one for all – and all for one – we are the same under the sun.

My hope is however, that we Unify, and Prevent what is to come – by Using foresight & action – worthy of our species name: Sapient: The Wise ones.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Art By: Van Gogh