The Suicidal Trap of Superiority

After reading a circulating post regarding RH Negative blood, I could not help but feel a wave of deep disappointment.
The people who carry this blood type, are being falsely elevated as superior in intelligence, with higher rates of genius.

These are the same types of notions, which were used to justify the genocide, and the enslavement, of millions human beings.

Foresight rejects concepts, which attempt to elevate one group, over any other – as such ignorance allowed to fester in our world, will eventually turn against everyone in turn.

Ultimately flawed concepts of this kind, are self destructive in more ways than one. History is stained with demonic leaders, who used such deceits to justify pillage, hate & murder. In the end, they always let go, or self implode – as humanity cannot, will not, allow such destructive mental plagues to spread past a point, of infecting the species.

Fabrications of group superiority, are an evil which stand against the reality of life. Attempts to dehumanize any human group, is in itself, inhuman.

Even the act of accepting the ‘superior’ concept, reveals an inferior knowledge of humanity. As Genius is boundary free.

Genius cannot be filtered out by academic tests or outlined on maps. Genius has no color of skin, eye, hair – or shape, size or age. In all probability, there is some particular area of genius in every person on the planet.

Genius is like a bottle of magical essence. Some pour their genius into a way of life, love & understanding, grace, humor – or any one of thousands of vessels that can hold genius.

From a rain forest to a desert, from an arctic tundra to an inner city or rural community – open minds seeking genius will find it. Tree doctors, herbalists, survivalist, musicians, artists, inventors – human genius is everywhere that humans reside.

To seek superiority, is a symptom of an inferiority complex.

If we wish to fill empty chests with golden pride, we only need work towards beautifying Life, with our own particular form of genius – as we all have it in some way shape or form.

Personal contribution to the Life experience, is the true purpose of pride – to build up, not tear down – to unify, not divide.

As this world, has only two ways to ring the bell – we call for Paradise on earth – or we call for Hell. What decides our fate, is the elevation of Love, over Hate.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru