To Create a beautiful life – Requires no Strife

The Natural takes no herculean feat, nor demands tall goals to meet. All we need do, is come out of the shade, and take our place in the Human parade.

As we march, shoulder to shoulder, we remove from our path all stumbling boulders, which stand in the way, to productive days.

Unity – Please Say It – Not simply a word, but a truth as seen from the eye of a bird.

A Truth like no other, which cannot be smothered. As there’s but One path to choose – We will Unite, or we will lose.

Unity – Please Say It – Not simply a word, but a truth which must be heard. So whisper, talk, shout if you must, to those who will listen, and give you their trust.

All they need do, is let go of the fear, shine with love, and begin to wipe tears. The Tears of Joy, from being accepted, no longer pushed down, no longer rejected.

Being seen as a person of worth, will plant seeds of Love & Birth.

Birth to an earth, from which gardens will grow, as it’s so true, that we reap what we sow.

A Beautiful world is within our grasp, so say it until your voice is a rasp !

~Unity – Please Say It – Building the Paradise where variety is the spice of Life – a garden of Beauty, so far away from strife.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru