If you couldn’t see – Who would it be?

If you could not see, who would the perfect person be?

Sight was a barrier, she only felt him carry her, over broken glass, placing her onto soft grass – The tenderness of his touch, his voice whispering close, that she is loved, and so much.

If you could not hear, only see her actions, and her reactions, to how you feel, she is ideal. To know her hands, help with your plans, with no demands, would not your heart she steal?

If one could only feel, not see, nor even hear, just sense the air, the warmth of presence, a loving care, a loving touch, explains so much – a kiss with passions such, to speak a mind, a heart and soul, telling you, you are the goal.

The perfect partner, who stands by you, no matter what you say or do, full of concern, and wondrous insights, for both to learn, to last a life, so perfectly right – A togetherness of sustenance – devoid of strife.

To share a dream, so full of light, of rainbow colors, vivid and bright, would make each day, like kids to play, when waking on first summers day, out of school, forget the rules –

And though each moment will surely pass, the love you found will last and last, through many lives, the many times, when you two meet, you will remind, and spark that ember, reignite, that lasting flame, which bonds you tight, throughout the night, and in daylight, a love of beauty, and magnificent might.

~If you couldn’t see, who would the perfect person be?

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru