The Myth of Exclusive Morality

So they say: Italians make the best suits – The French the best styles – Asia rules electronics – Africa is the root of music – And these may be true.

When it comes to the deeper human traits, however, If you were a hunter, seeking intelligence, genius or morality, you would be tremendously more successful, if you widened your scope to take in all of humanity. The True Human virtues, are naturally, distributed throughout The Human race.

If you read my articles, you know I understand fully, that race is an illusion – that genius, and intelligence are not bordered on any side by ethnicity. Today however I wish to talk again, about Morality.

There are lately many circulating articles from people with very good intentions, who are attempting to right some very real, moral wrongs – yet their scopes are limited, with color filters.

However, the fact is that the problems they are challenging, have nothing to do with color. Color is the lie that is used to justify the wrongs, so to use color to correct them, is incorrect.

In other words, reinforcing color as a factor, when it’s truly, only skin deep – no more than the absence or preponderance of a tan, is lending substance, to a shadow.

When we lump people together by color, we not only herd them together – which unifies people who would not normally see one another as allies – but, all we see is a wall of color.

Immorality, like many problems which face humanity, is a mental virus, an ignorance, that has infected every group at one time or another throughout history.

If we are to root this evil out, once and for all, we cannot seek it in one segment, and allow it to hide and fester in other pockets of humanity – as it will simply reinfect us again, and again – which a losing game of hide and seek.

In addition, this game of willful blindness, creates animosity, and by being wrongfully accused, opens one to the mental viruses in question.

Morality, like brain power, creativity, and generosity, has nothing to do with ethnicity. Anyone who will take the time to study history, beyond the veil of human frailty in ego, will soon discover the truth.

Even American history, is ripe with examples of golden morality in people, who by standing up against wrong, had everything to lose, including their lives and those of their family, and nothing to gain. It is there, where is found the truest morality that exist in humanity.

Only by recognizing, and encouraging, this beautiful morality, will it expand to finally wipe out the shortsighted ignorance, of immorality.

There is only One Side, and One Side Only – The Side of Life, against the forces of Death !

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Art By: Norman Rockwell