The Full Spectrum of Beauty

~The Full Spectrum of Beauty is in you to see no matter size, shape or ethnicity.

Her parent’s first born, teased and scorned, she tried to hide the tears tracks worn. Forlorn, she cried her tears of tides in hidden silence, to verbal violence, which had her image torn.

Those older told her, that beauty is in the eye of beholder. Yet Eyes not open all the way, will not see the full light of day. Though we all can see the beauty in our own ethnicity, what we see is only one branch of the same great tree.

Beauty shines in every time, in every line, in colors shapes and size sublime. Only lies unbind our ties, and hides confides where truth resides. Let no one tell you otherwise, as lies are blinders to divide, while truth of beauty unifies.

Beauty is Universally Intrinsically in our shared Humanity.

The Full Spectrum of Beauty is there indeed – So feast your eyes from sea to sea.

~Humanity – A gorgeous garden for you to see ready to tease the most discriminating eyes – ingeniously devised to please.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Art by Igor Morski