In Search of The Original Human

~The Original Garden awaits release of the Original Human.

A person within the person they hide. Yet – as we go about our daily lives, we are sometimes fortunate enough to be rewarded glimpses of the original ones.

If you release your true human too, they can be drawn out to spend time with you.

~ Just arrive with that essence which makes us human. Humor, wit, caring, daring – the naked human, herbivore in a world of carnivores, moving bravely through an uncertain life, while bestowing gifts along the way, calming strife.

Smiles through adversity, encouraging words in darkness, valuable insights like butterflies released, colorful bursts of thoughts in pictures – laughing out all doubt – keys to safe passage placed into waiting palms.

~ Then watch them arrive like a Charming surprise.

The youthful outlooks in elders – strength in the delicate – the essence of beauty – radiant pungent spice of charisma – mysterious wisdom in youth – the unexpected touch of your heart – the external minimized, internal maximized, then kinship recognized.

The elemental, the reality of all, the true, the original humans within us – oh what magnificent potential, from which to call.

So let us all, on a chosen day, in one chosen moment, release our true selves as an act of atonement – for the times we hid, or for what we did.

Let us be who we are – and this world will transform instantly & beautifully – from near to far.

In one split second – our existence will step from one time to another.

No more need for fear, no need for cover. We will move naturally into that place we’re meant to enjoy – our original home where our true talents employ.

So it was never far then – where competition is no more, just our Shared Garden, with our colorful Kin.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Art By: Igor Morski