Ambassador You Are

Heed the call, as we all are Ambassadors to Humanity, averting our species fall.

Today there is a rupture between the Human Family, a chasm as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon. With division grows the cancer of ignorance which thrives in the vacuum of reality – what follows is fear, anger and violence.

With Division, We move way beyond the realm of Human progress, into dark desperate times of survival – as Life Advancements, are the fruit of Respect, Consensus and Cooperation.

Until such time our world is rightfully united, You and I serve as the most powerful force for peace and unity in our world, and thus, For the continuance of our species.

All you require to serve as the perfect ambassador, is already inside of you – It’s Your Humanity.

Connecting with others via our Human core were lessons learned first in the neighborhood I was born into. Being of mixed ancestry required what I call, The projection of my Humanity, daily, because by appearance, people assumed me to be an alien outsider.

What I discovered early in Life, is that Our Core Human Virtues are like bright lights, and sharp as razors. Like shadows facing sunlight, or heavy fallacies held up by threads, true human values, light up the darkness, and cut the strings of myths and lies.

This required most times that I be the first to interact, to smile and greet, to make an observation about Life, either humorous or interesting, or simply to show that I was neither defensive or offensive.

These are Human abilities, which the vast majority of Humans positively respond to, no matter what background, social status or ethnicity.

These encounters however, must be combined, with a calm heart, and positive frame of mind, as there are unconscious waves which radiate from us all, which other living beings, including animals, can sense by instinct.

There is a saying: The most profound meetings, and conversations happen between strangers, who happen to find themselves, sharing time, and space, by fate.

After decades of such experiences in many countries, I can attest to the truth of that saying.

When we encounter people in passing, we are free to express what we might never do so with people we know, as we will most likely never see these Humans again. And judgements are meaningless with passers-by.

Being caught in the rain, under an overhang, a shared ride, or times abide, are the occasions I can recall with the most vivid clarity.

Exchanging fascinating insights, and colorful slices of Life with other Humans, are enchanting, mesmerizing experiences, especially so with new Humans.

Chance encounters, can be precious Life affirming gifts, when we value the opportunities they present.

These fleeting mingling of minds, hearts and souls, have the additional effect of dispelling myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes by default.

They are as well, keys which pass from person to person, unlocking an ever-expanding corridor of doors.

These unlocked doors allow instant, and majestic light into any Life. As to open ourselves to the splendid garden of Humanity, is the most efficient, and satisfying means of brightening, securing, and enhancing our Lives.

Many will attest to the fact, that once a family gains into their fold, a Genuine Human from an alternate ethnicity, they are granted a front row seat to the Human truths that bind us all to the spicy variety of Life.

A genuine human, is one which has kept their beautiful and instinctual human characteristics fresh – The universal truths of Intelligence, Humor, Love & Respect.

However, it doesn’t take marriage or adoption or even friendships to discover these virtues; as though they lay dormant in some, awaiting release, these traits are innate in us all.

When we share our warm goodwill, our humor, and our caring with those unknown, ice cold apathy and ignorance slowly melt into puddles soon evaporated.

The Life of an Ambassador is as enriching, as it is to enrich – As you will encounter, and be delightfully surprised at how wonderfully Humane Humanity can be, how funny, respectful and kind – if only given the example, and the chance to shine.

~Ambassadors to Humanity – A calling sublime Alleviates with purpose primeMediates with gifts mending rifts – Radiates like waves on water, far beyond our place and time.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru