Acknowledging the Virtuous

Today we are witnessing what was always there, below the surface, a heroic virtue, a golden light.

I’ve said this before, however I can’t say it often enough.

We have a tendency to overlook or forget the history of humans helping humans, concentrating instead on the opposite.

Though it would seem more important to focus on the dangers, it’s wiser to encourage and acknowledge Sapience.

The Golden ones, are those who assist even when they themselves are placed in the path of danger.

It’s not an easy thing to stand up for yourself, but to stand up for others, when you have nothing to gain and possibly everything to lose – is the truest form of love, bravery and beauty. The pinnacle of what it means to be Sapient.

Like John Brown and the other brave abolitionist who fought against slavery to the death, and the heroes who marched in the civil rights era, there are people today marching and fighting against murder and brutality of people of African descent.

I applaud you, and encourage any humanitarian to do the same – as these issues are not about color of skin – but about the tint of the core of our humanity – that which separates us from animality, insanity – from inhumanity.

Being sapient, is about wisdom and foresight – A recognition that evil allowed to hide and fester will eventually turn against everyone in turn.

This world and our lives are on a circular path, as what goes around does indeed come around.

Let love circulate.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru