Beyond the Rift
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of this Vital Hour
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About WHO AM I? CONTINUED Growing up between the walls of four ethnicities in the turbulent 60's & 70's, I wandered between each one. Viewed as an unbiased visitor, I was privy to raw truths about what each thought of the others.
These insights later carried me through 27 countries striving to learn the true nature of humanity.
Some of what I discovered: What we view as evil intention in others, is in majority, ignorance.
There are patriots on all sides fighting for their tribe - when in fact, their causes are Human, not tribal causes, only requiring a broadening of scope.
WHY WHY AM I ? CONTINUED There was a time in my life when I felt that I was born with a great disadvantage. You see, I wasn't given an ethnicity to call my own, only parts and pieces, which when put together became neither.
Though my paternal line has been in this country for hundreds of years, having built, served and poured life & blood into it - according to some, by pigmentation alone - even nationality was not mine to claim.
As I traveled and matured however, a realization dawned, that labels like Nationality, Ethnicity ect. are walls which imprison, and pit us against humans planted behind other walls.
BRIDGE BEYOND DIVIDES CONTINUED During the travels in my life, I have always paused to admire bridges.
These beautiful functional structures clad in various cultural shapes & colors, allow people to cross beyond barriers to meet and exchange the essence of Life!
Well, all of us, have mental bridges.

The problem, for most, is that our bridge guards are using prehistoric, deeply flawed & ignorant laws.
And when our bridges close off, the gifts of humanity are shut off, and Life is both damned and dammed, for ourselves, and for our species.
PATH A NEW PATH CONTINUED Right now, Humanity is going through a change in perspective on human relations, and laws are changing.
However, the civil rights era of the 60's, taught us that laws can't change minds & hearts.
Laws force false beliefs into underground bunkers, where they wait to rise again.
The good news however, is that a simple realization of core human truths, dramatically improves lives in real time; economically, socially, physically, and psychologically. Only in this way will hate be recognized for what it is, and vanquished.
Truths HUMANITY REALITY CONTINUED There are pure core Human traits which we all share, yet many are unaware of this fact, believing that they alone are the 'Real Humans'. This belief has roots in all Human cultures, who in our own ancient tongues refer to ourselves as: The Humans, or The True Humans.
Out of many shared traits, our most crucial, is a profound desire to Live in Peace and Prosperity, for our families and for ourselves.
Yet, above these truths lay an amazing puzzle to life, to which all cultures hold essential pieces.
Thus none of us will find our peace, unless all of us do.
GOALS THE REVOLUTION Join the Sapient Revolution Let us fuel a Sapient Revolution,
for the distribution of vital solutions, via cultural contributions, giving birth to an evolution of Life enhancing resolutions.
The Venues are broad: Events, Art, Movies, Video, Music, Science, Podcasts Marches & More..
To launch the project,
I've created various Sapient Wall Art & Clothing for you as reward for supporting the cause.
In addition, Anyone can utilize these items as a bridge to income during these difficult times.
100% of net proceeds to us fuel full time work on the goal.
A SAMPLE OF AVAILABLE WALL CANVASES THE FENCE SAPIENT WALL ART NEXT "Little did they realize, that what was fenced out, was genius and vivid beauty. While what was fenced in, was meanness and frigid cruelty. BEYOND THE
SAPIENT WALL ART NEXT "To see beyond Exterior Design, and Ethnic Lines, to Ethic Signs of Heart & Mind, is to Find the Time of a Life Sublime."
THE RACE SAPIENT WALL ART NEXT "The Sapient Race Distinction:
Humanity -vs- Extinction."
DETERMINATION SAPIENT WALL ART NEXT "A Power arising from Subjugation. A Persuasion potent enough to awaken a Civilization into a sober Realization, that Liberation, Strengthens Nations." NOT ANGER BUT PAIN SAPIENT WALL ART NEXT "What you may see as Anger, or Contemplation of Retaliation, is in reality, a steely Determination against a deadly dose of deadly pain, inflicted by our Beloved, Bled & Sweat for Nation." OUR MOST
SAPIENT WALL ART SUPPORT & JOIN THE SAPIENT REVOLUTION "We will discover with great remorse, that our most precious, yet most wasted resource, was not at all material things, but the Genius in Human Beings."