The Crucial Cause & Delicate Dance of Human Unity

Covid 19: a perfect example of how a lack of unity can affect Humanity.

Here we are in the midst of a war against a pandemic – fighting among one another over the proper response to the deadly enemy, or to respond at all.

Meanwhile the virus is an equal opportunity killer, running through the gaping holes of our disjointed front lines, to gorge on precious human lives.

All of the most important issues of our time, from wars, economics, population, conservation, health, resources, clean water, global warming and more, revolve around the cooperation and consensus of human beings.

The question therefore is not if human unity is important, the answer to that is question is obvious – Human Unity is Crucial to our survival.

The burning question is why, in an age of instant communications and global access to truths & realities – as simple as the one that we’re all of the same human family – that we remain divided into warring tribal camps?

The answer to that question boils down a delicate, substance free, smoke like phenomena called – Belief.

Beliefs are what allows large groups of people to be motivated, moved and manipulated into action or inaction.

Beliefs give a few, the power to manipulate billions of lives from cradle to grave. A robotic like loss of control akin to voluntary slavery. 

And what are beliefs?

Beliefs are unproven rumors, notions, myths, fantasies and ideas which we are told to accept as facts.

Though the statement above is but a simple reality, some people are willing to die and murder for these ideas called beliefs, which some hold as sacred truths.

Religious wars as example – which are based on notions of superiority – are responsible for the loss of over a billion human lives.

On the other hand, beneficent wisdom, based on historical perspectives and experience, sometimes born in religion – can be attributed to moral codes which have saved numerous lives.

Religion is but one stark example, that beliefs which stray away, or towards sapient perspective, are as dangerous, or as beneficial to the species, as to the individual. 

Sapient perspective: Foresight, to respect the importance of each moment, thought, action, and person – as they are the seeds of our personal futures, and that of humanity. 

As of now, these mental viruses called ‘beliefs’ still remain free to infect minds, as did pathogenic germs in the dark ages. 

Everyone believes, that their beliefs are the beliefs to believe in – and all other beliefs are not the be believed.

This atmosphere of selective reality – which has grown more virulent today – breeds tribal beliefs which are in total, counterproductive to all human life, and thus to the survival of our species.

Beliefs of racial, cultural, ethnic, gender, religious or social elitism or superiority – are the major bricks used to erect walls between human groups.

When groups are separated, they are easy to control and manipulate.

People in groups based on beliefs, versus facts, are reduced to voting blocks, resources, workers, soldiers, and revenue streams.

Without unification, we’re segmented populations, subjects of subjugation.

Not only in groups – but our private lives are inflicted damage in detrimental degrees.

Like a view from a slot in metal door, an imprisoned mind is blinded to the full spectrum of opportunities for beauty, community, perfect partnerships, relationships, insights, security and prosperity.

This is both the reality, and the key to unlocking the doors between us.

Change is not about condemnation, as recriminations only force beliefs underground, where they whisper – awaiting a more opportunistic time to shout again, and spread the virulent beliefs to infect others. Misery does love company.

This situation has been revolving, repeating for centuries.

Today – is a time where hate has found not only the freedom to rise, but the encouragement.

Today – however is also the Perfect and only time, to finally derail the cycle of hate. To do so, we only need open the locked doors of belief.

We need free people to see for themselves the reality on the other side of divides. As people are people, and what people universally respond to are – Realizations.

One is the Realization that what affects us as individuals, affects our societies, our offspring, and eventually affects the species.

Most important, is the Realization that the core of humanity in vast majority – ripe with morality, quality, dignity, magnanimity and hospitality. If not, we would have been long extinct.

Thus – our lives are magnificently enriched, when we open the doors between us.

These Realizations are ones which immediately enhance the lives of anyone who endeavors to curtail blind Believing – and begin open eyed – Discovering.

Therefore, I ask humbly of you, to Join with me, in this Sapient revolution of Human Unification – of Liberation by Realizations.

Our goal: Growing Sapient Civilizations on the foundations of Respect and Mutual Appreciation, via green cultivation of our human relations.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru