Beyond the Bitter Pill and into Reality


The moment we realize, that we are simply going through the motions, is the moment the world begins to revel itself to us.

Many of the people surrounding us begin to phase away; their voices distant echos from a language we no longer understand.

We cannot comprehend how we got to this place, and find no meaning in all we see.

Our jobs become factories of futility; producing things or services which we no longer care about, nor believe in.

Sleep, or substances, are the only solace we can find, as there, we can escape for a time, to another place outside the confines of the machine.

Our motivation to go out into this artificial existence, dies away.

The rushing honking cars disturb & disorientate, the crowds of hurrying people are like robots, who believe they are human.

They file into towering buildings full of doors and walls, like half day prisoners.

Locked in for the best part of our day, we act as if working hard, when our minds are seeking solace in flowered fields, or fantasies.

We pretend to compete when caring not, to smile when feeling gloomy, and laugh when so bored we could jump from the highest window, just for a few moments of free flight.

And so it begins, the trip to the factory mind doctor, whose job, is to keep the workers working, and the machine in motion.

A few talks, a few nods of their head, and they make us believe, that they have us all figured out.

It’s just a phase, brought on by a lack of chemicals in the brain, they say, and this bitter pill, will help you through.

But, deep inside, you know it’s not true.

You know that there is nothing wrong with you.

You have only woken up from a sleep and found yourself awake, among the sleep walkers, and in a place you no longer recognize, as natural.

Yet, the doctors constant mention of your family, especially your kids, wipes those thoughts from your mind, and you reach out to accept the prescription.

Once you swallow the bitter pills, the thoughts and plans to find your way off this treadmill, to a natural life, fall further down into your subconscious mind.

Yet they remain, always pushing towards the surface like bubbles of reality, in a thick liquid.

Higher dosages or alternate pills later, the desperation falls deeper into the drug, arms reaching out to us in silent screams, but we turn away, and step back into the machine, holding onto a belief that we are sacrificing our lives for a greater good.

But are we?

Behind the towering mountain of mood, mind altering drugs being pushed by drug dealers, hiding in plain sight –

Under the oceans of Alcohol –

Beyond the thousand ways to temporarily escape this nightmare maze –

There is a rising rebellion, an army of souls amassing, calling out in unison that our precious lives are being twisted out of context.

The magnificent genius of humanity, the astounding power of intellect, endurance and strength is being used as cheap disposable, replaceable plugins.

Human beings have become teeth in a global machine, chewing the finite raw materials of our mother earth, like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

Is this, what Life is about?

Were we born, to feed a factory, stripping the world of life, and groom our children to do the same – until our planet runs out of resources, and thus time?

If you have awoken, then listen carefully to the voice in your head, and feel respectfully, the feelings in your heart.

They are soul and instinct, giving you the gift of awareness.

Not a curse, or a chemical imbalance, but a precious awakening.

Life is not about production, but about purpose. It’s about creation, not destruction.

Life is about solving the puzzles which face us all, like disease and poverty.

Life is figuring out how to become the caretakers of this world, as we were meant to be.

Life is about Love, Unity, and the great beauty, power, and insights born of a diversity, which came about when our our ancestors were guided to different parts of the earth, to alternate experiences, and discoveries – or remained behind to guard that treasure chest – two hundred thousand years of deep ancestral knowledge, which is Our Sapient Core.

Now is the time to share that wisdom with each other – to combine and complete ourselves, growing into our fullest potential.

Let us finally, complete the puzzles of Life together, and a paradise will bloom on earth, not only for ourselves, but for all those children yet born.

So flush the bitter pill, and step fully into True Life, where there are others just like you that are working together, in joyful purposeful unity.

A Beautiful and Nourishing Garden awaits to bloom into our lives, once we recognize the fullest extent of our family ties.

Join the Sapient Revolution.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru