Secrets of – The Life Traveler

When encountering new people, our inner person can easier step out to play. Yet not just in passing, but in a duration of sharing a space, and time.

Since storytelling began, a powerful tool used in all forms of entertainment, are the stories which bloom from contained contact between disparate human beings. Like a chemistry experiment, though not with mere elements but with spectacular slices of Life !

All of human history our plights, pleasures and triumphs are born of chance encounters. Knowing the power of these brief touches, how could anyone be anywhere but in full respect, and in deep awe ?

From eyes fully open arrives surprise ! From Feeling Blessed -Blooms Thankfulness ! In the realm of Thankfulness, Life, like plants in The Sun, are in times of happiness, and in phase of growth.

The Secret key to unlock the passageways of Life on the train of Life, is a simple realization – that people are people – and we humans are in vast majority humorous friends along the journey of life. Some even open to a sharing insights, feelings or even their precious & ultimately limited, time.

May your passageways be lined with gardens, orchards, and views which to fill you with brilliance, and charm you with beauty – full of the bounty which enriches your heart, your mind, and your soul !

Life in Purpose with Life ~!

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru

Artist: Unknown