The Ultimate Freedom of Expanded Awareness

The reach of our awareness determines everything, and every aspect of our lives.

From infancy to maturity, these concentric circles of awareness, would normally expand in scope and finer detail, like scanning waves of consciousness – if not for artificial barriers, which block and divert – corralling us into manageable cubicles – while distorting the fabric of reality.

Today, for the first time in human history, these awareness zones, have the capability for global reach. As such, the astonishing opportunities which are now available to us today, are beyond any – possibly for millennia to come – as they encompass every avenue of our lives, from personal, to societal, to global – even for our species.

To reap the spectacular benefits of this remarkable new age, we only need rise above these manufactured walls, allowing our awareness to expand exponentially.

So what are the Concentric Circles of Awareness?

Moving beyond birth, and our first reckonings of the world, hunger, pain, cold, heat, sounds, sights and such – our first, and sometimes most surprising, or even shocking awareness, is of human behavior, especially in relation to our own actions, or those reported by those we trust. Our world view begins to take shape with these formative impressions.

These first circles are the most profound, as they form opinions and patterns which affect our lives, and those around us, creating Life, as we know it.

Our perceptions however, as to the reasons for people’s actual, or claimed reactions, are not always in sync with reality.

Owing both to a universal vagueness, as to what it means to be human, combined with a tendency to take advantage of each others fears, the picture of Humanity, and what it means to be Human – is both blurred, and twisted.

Without that clear, defined definition of Humanity, inhuman behaviors have been allowed to distort our image, and behaviors – which even a child knows to be wrong on instinctual levels – and to infect our societies with plague like mental viruses.

Therein resides the first circle of awareness – the circle of you – of your Humanity.

Humanity, or Sapiens, meaning: Born of Earth – and Wise Ones – sums up our natural state.

It is simple foresight to respect that which grants us with birth, with sustenance, thus with Life. As such respect, allows our mother to not only sustain us, but to perpetuate our line.

Likewise, it’s a core realization, that to expect respect, requires that we reflect respect.

Respect: The foundation of communication, and communication, is the bedrock of consensus, and ultimately of cooperation.

Without cooperation, accomplishment becomes nearly impossible to achieve, in particular on a societal, or global scale – which is required not only for the quality of our lives, but for the survival of our species.

Thus the first blockade to the First circle of Awareness, is the basic understanding that this fragile globe, belongs to us all – and we belong to her which in a sense is our mother. We are both her caretaker, and each others – as we are all One-Human-Family, all deserving of Respect and Admiration, for our shared contributions to our world – and for the millions of the endowments, the breakthroughs which will follow, when we finally pool our knowledge.

We also deserve an oceans worth of respect, for surviving thousands of events in our histories, which could have ended each immediate family line.

The 2nd Circle – is as important to ourselves, as to the world.

This Second Concentric sphere is composed of a realization – that the vast majority of our transgressions or lapses against one another, are based on disfigurements of common human fears and attributes, such as protectionism, loyalty, and patriotism to family, and to the land which we call our home.

This 2nd tier of understanding, lifts a heavy burden from our shoulders, supplying a long overdue relief to our weary fears, giving us hope that all is not lost. The world is not as fearful as we imagined.

This second zone, is Humanity’s common ground – that place from which we’ll finally begin to heal our divisions.

In addition, we are released like humming birds from cages, into a vast colorful garden of Humanity, able to sample the wide variety of nectar, which is available to strengthen, and enrich us all.

Expansive opportunities, community, security and beauty await us beyond the walls.

However – the most timely harvest, is to the prosperity of our species, as only together can we address the dire problems, which face us all.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru