The Ultimate Freedom of Expanded Awareness

The reach of our awareness determines everything, and every aspect of our lives.

From infancy to maturity, these concentric circles of awareness, would normally expand in scope and finer detail, like scanning waves of consciousness – if not for artificial barriers, which block and divert – corralling us into manageable cubicles – while distorting the fabric of reality.

Today, for the first time in human history, these awareness zones, have the capability for global reach. As such, the astonishing opportunities which are now available to us today, are beyond any – possibly for millennia to come – as they encompass every avenue of our lives, from personal, to societal, to global – even for our species.

To reap the spectacular benefits of this remarkable new age, we only need rise above these psychological walls, allowing our awareness to expand exponentially.

Concentric Circles of Awareness are circular zones, that begin with our bodies, and slowly expand through our environment to family, neighborhood, city, state, country, planet and beyond.

In other words, it’s a map beginning with you at the center, expanding into infinity – with all the people and places within those circles.

The problem, is that our circles are full of artificial dams, erected against manufactured enemies.

Thus, in place of discovering for ourselves, who and what surrounds us, we’re using archaic tribal maps, as if the earth were flat, to navigate our modern Lives.

The evidence is undisputable, we’re captured, stagnated, then mobilized against potential allies, by prehistoric echos from the outer fringes.

None of us are immune. Drawn into mismatched groups based on superficial skin-deep similarities, and calls to warped concepts of patriotism, we’re encircled with emotional barbed wire.

Being isolated from the full family of Humanity – which shares the same needs, and desires, for peace and prosperity – leaves us vulnerable to poisonous viewpoints, that dehumanize all the human beings, which happen to be, on the other side of our tribal walls.

In this fashion, our lives are controlled, from cradle to grave.

All the while – Our instincts are crying out to us, desperate to communicate our alarming situation, that we’re wasting our precious lives away. Being severed, from the glorious life-giving garden, of our full Human Family, is an unnatural affliction to the individual, and to the species.

As Sapient beings, we’re naturally, and necessarily a social species, that thrives, and indeed survives, with contact, communication and cooperation.

With those tools, we understand on an instinctual level, our responsibility to make the world a better place, for those around us, and for those who will follow. We accomplish these feats, with the boundless & irresistible powers of ~Unity.

We are but one species, one family, which has travelled in separate directions. As such, each has experienced alternate survival challenges, which have shaped our cultures, giving each unique gifts, and perspectives. 

All cultures hold pieces, to the Puzzle of Life.

As individual Sapient beings however – We are all equally capable of Genius, Intelligence, Morality, Creativity, Compassion and Wisdom – The Core Human Traits, we all share.

It’s the walls between us, with their slotted peepholes, which distort our views of one another – giving birth to the dangerous illusional status of human exclusivity.

More importantly – These separate cubicles diminish us all, terminating our ability to improve our lives on a universal scale – which is critical for balanced, lasting change.

Imbalances – ultimately shutter out of control, to self-destruct.

Durability, and Positive Purpose, is desired & required as worthy of our precious time – which are the measured increments, that represent Life.

Let us begin, by dismantling the walls between us, allowing our circles of awareness to expand freely & fully towards one another.

Let’s then recycle those bricks, to build a beautiful Sapient bridge, to Humanity’s common ground – that place from which we’ll finally celebrate, our first, and only – Human Family Reunion.

Released like hummingbirds from cages, into a vast colorful garden of Humanity, expansive opportunities, community, beauty, and security await us, as only together, can we address the dire problems, which face us all.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru