The Tainted Fortress of Purity

~A Short story.

So they believed – They were the pinnacle, The Ultimate Humans.

They believed – That all the rest, were subhuman pollution, a risk to their genetic stock, thus unworthy of living among them.

So after a violent, yet unsuccessful war to ‘purify’ a stolen country, in proud ignorance of culture or history, they turned their backs on their Human Family, and moved to the Pacific North west.

The land scouted out long ago, was surrounded by mountains, thus difficult to reach, and defensible. Soon after, towering walls were erected to enclose a large city which had been ‘cleansed’ of native and multicultural ‘infestations’. This newly deemed nation, was thus named: The Fortress of Purity.

Though it is true that what they left behind, was the majority of the world’s genius, beauty and creativity – What they took into the walls with them, would be their downfall.

Outside of the fortress, the world thrived after the war against the divisive elements, was won – Shining proof that hate, which stood between human unity, also acted as a barrier to human progress.

A Global round table of mutual respect and cooperation formed, allowing the free flow of genius, insights, and ideas to circulate. As a result, major breakthroughs in science, philosophy, and arts flourished.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and most other ailments were eliminated. The problems of clean water, food shortages, and social equality were finally solved.

Global warming, environmental and conservation challenges were on the forefront of our new unified awareness, thus large strides were made. The extinction of other life forms was halted, and a study began to unravel their secrets, including every plant species.

Thousands of amazing medicines were discovered, and the technological concepts which nature had infused into her broad spectrum of life, revolutionized numerous areas; from transport, communications, farming, housing, clothing, and every aspect of life including art.

Life was good, and optimism was at the highest point in human history.

Meanwhile inside of the fortress, after the celebrations had died down, the reality of their situation began to creep into the light.

There was necessarily a total black out of the outside media, including the Internet, as not to influence impressionable minds. Their clothing styles, language, music, and even their meals were strained out, as not to include any cultural taints.

Yet, the people who had lived in multicultural cities felt a shocking loss of colorful, flavorful diversity, which they once took for granted. The drabness of their lives, combined with the total censorship, began to cause unrest. Their eyes glazed over at the lack of variety, and their monotone lives started to eat at their contentment.

Some citizens unconsciously began to dress, act, talk, and play music from other ethnic groups which had become a part of who they were.

Naturally, owing to the intolerance which followed them into the fortress, these individuals were viewed as tainted by those in control, thus attempts to eradicate them began.

A group attempted to flee the walls, with a daring escape plan executed after months of digging, and elaborate calculations. They made it few miles outside of the fortress, but before they reached freedom, were caught by trained dogs.

After being dragged back behind the walls, these brave souls were made bloody examples of. The outside world would never be allowed to gloat, or made aware of the unrest, as this might lead to outside interference.

An underground resistance against the violence and murder of the ‘tainted’ formed, and grew in numbers. Soon a civil war broke out within the fortress, a bloody conflict which eventually wiped out a majority of lives.

The few who survived, opened and stumbled out of the gates, fleeing the fortress with whatever they could carry, intent on rejoining the world. They took with them stark lessons to teach any future generation which would consider such folly.

Fortresses Walls are in fact Prisons !

There is only One Race The Race between Life or Death of the Species and our Planet.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru