Our Most Precious – Yet Most Wasted Resource

The throw away people –

Living where I do, and needing to pass through the downtown area to reach an ethnic community of my mother – I must go through an area filled with people of my father’s ethnicity.

All homeless – living on the street under tarps, in boxes or simply under the covers of newspapers.

A cities worth of precious & one of a kind human beings – which society has thrown away with no more care than an empty cans of beans.

If I were to ask you what our most precious resource on the planet is – some would mention precious stones, metals, oil, or other earth resources.

Yet, the most treasured items and life experiences, are always created by and with humans.

Works of art, literature, philosophy, technology, and most importantly, the sharing of life enhancing moments.

We human beings value what we create, and rightfully so, as we have been gifted the power of shaping matter and our thoughts – into wondrous beauty, powerful insights, and magnificent functionality.

Somehow, out of all the millions of creatures on this planet,  only humans have the fascinating talent to turn our dreams into reality, our goals into actuality, to share our experiences.

This magical ability is innate within us, requiring no formal education or training, just an idea, a determination to make it real, and a willingness to open ourselves.

Thus the answer to the question of our most precious resource, is obvious – It’s People.

There’s a form of genius in every human being alive today – yet 99.9% of this resource is smothered, diverted, abused, destroyed or wasted.

Innate gifts to fit obscure problems with solid answers, or to uplift and enrapture, never find their proper place in this world.

When human potential is finally celebrated and nurtured universally, our lives will be far more secure, peaceful and beautiful.

In the mean time however we need not feel discouraged, as we can actively encourage the release great potential in ourselves and in others.

It’s not a difficult task.

You see, human beings need not rely on unique our genius to be awesome forces of beneficial good- as we have as well an invincible power called – Will.

Thus without even a weeks worth of formal education, one person can accomplish wondrous deeds.

One human being – can plant a whole forest of fruit or nut trees.

One person – can plant a vegetable garden as large as a city – enough to feed thousands.

One person – can dig a gorge large enough to create a lake, and then fill it with fish.

One human being – can walk around the earth over five times – so imagine that person learning an insight or accepting an insight or uplifting emotion from someone they encounter and passing it along to others.

One individual – can physically meet and influence and touch at least 10,000 people in a lifetime.

One person today – thanks to the internet can teach 7 billion people at least one important aspect about life – share some important solution, impart thoughtful words or beautiful art.

Beginning a journey, setting a goal to improve this world, is as well, the key to releasing the genie of our genius.

So when you look at a homeless person, see them as what they are – a thrown away resource of the most precious kind – and if you have any ability to help them – Please do so.

~You never know what useful or beautiful gifts will bloom into our world because of the seeds you rescue from pavement, to plant into soil.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru