What is a Sapient?

When people ask me this question, I know they aren’t asking the definition of sapiency, but the deeper question, of what it means to be a Sapient.

In answer: There is a natural core which exists within Humanity – a Wisdom Inherent.

I call it, the Sapient Core.

That instinct tells us that all of Humanity, is Family – and that we are all, responsible for one another, both today, and for the people yet born.

In other words – To be Sapient: Is a recognition that Life, is what we create together, by how we treat each other – and our world – And that all our actions, words and deeds, are the seeds of tomorrow’s needs.

The very fact of our continued existence as a species, is proof of that golden core.

It’s easy to hate, walk away, and destroy. While conversely, it’s very difficult – and makes us vulnerable – to love, give of ourselves, and to build.

Therefore, if not for that Sapient Core – which has held up against numerous extinction events, natural disasters, wars, invasions, famine and disease – then Humanity would be long extinct.

Our species survives, not because of conquest, colonization, nor subjugation of each other, and of our world – but despite them – and it’s not because of the power of arms, but the power of Love, Respect, and of Foresight.

Yet, we could have done so much better – and can do better.

We have lost, and continue to lose untold precious lives, and rich cultures – all of which held and hold, answers to the puzzle of Life – and all because we allow ourselves to be divided, then pitted against each other.

Our Human instincts to survive and prosper, to protect family and our ways of life, have always been manipulated, by individuals were ignorant to meaning, and positive purpose of Life.

Today however, those lost souls are utilizing the power of the web, to reach and control larger masses of people, than ever before.

As a result, we have lost the ability to see, and act with decisiveness on the crucial problems, which face is as a species.

Our Human family has been segmented into cubicles, to be used as pawns against one another. As to separate, is to weaken – then to control, or destroy.

Here is a Fact, a simple math equation: When we allow ourselves to be cut off from our full Human Family, then our fullest potential for a full spectrum Life, is greatly diminished. Whether personally or professionally, the broader the access to our Human family, the greater our happiness and success.

More importantly, the steering mechanism to the fate of our species, has been wrested from our grasp.

However, as they spread disinformation, we can  counter, with reality.

It only takes a visit to the Humanity Family, to see what we’ve been missing – and all the walls, built on myths and tied with lies, crumble away and fall.

This is the purpose of Sapient City.

We are Humanity’s Common Ground. We build bridges between Humanity, and towards a shared future – one which utilizes all our genius, and knowledge. Magnificent Gifts, which have been sprinkled as if by design, throughout our Human Family.

Our Sapient Revolution Symbol represents: Humanity Wisely Unified, Gaia Justifiably Stabilized – which Denies our Demise, Beautifies our Lives, and Births a First of Civilized. 

From a Bird’s-eye Elevation, our Shared Situation comes into crystal clarity, as does Humanity’s critical obligation, to strive towards a universal nation – as we recognize that without cooperation, we’re lost in the spiral of deterioration and ultimately, self-annihilation.

To the Sapient – Life, is not some mysterious force beyond our control – but is a gift on a canvas, on which we all have the ability, and indeed, the responsibility, to paint with loving consistency.

So let us paint a path, into the beautiful and varied garden of Humanity – an orchard which enriches a Sapient Life, beyond what most have experienced. A surrounding and envelopment in a radiant warmth of bright comrades, along the astonishing, colorful, musical, Human path.

That path, of shared humor, insights, cultures, solace and yes, of Love of each other – not just Toleration but deep Appreciation – of our gorgeous diversity – Full of Recognition of that major Life Artery, which connects us all: Our Humanity.

Thus, you’ll never be alone, or without a place to call your own, as the world becomes your home.

Join the Sapient Revolution.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru