What is a Sapient?

When people ask me this question, I know they aren’t asking the definition of sapience, but the deeper question, of what it means to be: A Sapient.

I’m answer: A Sapient is a person who – through the haze, above all the distractions, has reached the awareness, that – It’s All About ~Life !

This epiphany follows three realizations.

1. Life, is the most Precious, Profound, and Precarious Gift we’ve been granted.

2. By Cultivating Life – Life goes far beyond surviving, and merely existing, to Thriving.

3. Life, equals Relationships – With our full human family, our world, and with Life itself.

In other words, our capability to Live powerful, pleasurable, profound Lives of purpose, peace & progress, both individually, and as a species, is inextricably linked to: Respect for Life, and Each other – Then Working together to Improve Life, with the foresight and the care, of Master Gardeners.

~Life – is what we create together, with Respect and Appreciation, for Life, and each other

There’s also, no brighter track to personal fulfillment, if we could freely traverse it. However, until recently, it was simply not possible

Moving beyond the critical issues which face Humanity, requires a degree of intelligent consensus, without which, we’re all doomed.

This Cooperation, is now out of reach, due to obstacles constructed between us.

These barriers impede the type meaningful success that matters – and does so against us, both personally, and humanity as a whole.

We’re cut off from billions of helping hands, life saving and enhancing insights, loving hearts, and voices of support.

The flow of solutions – which are vital to universal progress on the issues which affect all our lives – are dammed.

All of us have been isolated, placed into separate cubicles, of warring tribal camps. 

Alienation breeds ignorance about the outside world, vacant spaces of missing information, filled in with dehumanizing rhetoric. We’ve been induced to hate, or ignore the Humans who reside outside.

There’s even talk of civil war.

In the mean time, we needlessly suffer from problems which have solutions that were discovered, on the other sides of our artificial divides.

Brick by brick – Race, Gender, Religion, Orientation, Politics, Ethnicity, Status, Age, and many more, from appearance to preference – wall us in, imprison us body and mind.

This mental virus doesn’t discriminate, even within families or friendships, apathy & cruelty strains or breaks relationships.

Today we’re at a tipping point, where the disease of division has pushed what makes us Human, to the cliffs edge.

Horrid, and hypocritical dehumanization of human beings, has become normalized.

Hate, Shootings, Stabbings, Assaults, Theft, Vandalism, Road Rage, Harassment, Trolling, Apathy – including the rich & powerful, who arrogantly, or ignorantly take careless control over millions of lives, and fate of our planet.

The most terrifying symptom and symbols, are infamy seekers. Planned copycat mass murder on video. Blatant and unapologetic insanity, confused as retribution, for slights from people who at least resemble in superficial ways, those who are said to have trespassed against them – or were in close proximity.

As a result of the stress, people are using any way that can to hide their heads in the sands. Substance abuse, and all forms of escapism, are billion dollar industries.

But it’s not too late Despite the gigantic size of the problem, the power to effect change is in our individual lives, lay in our individual hands.

We need not fight, or march in the streets to make a difference in our Lives, and in Our World.

All we need do is walk across the bridge to Humanity’s Common Ground, take up residence, and build a New Life, as Life was intended – working towards universal progress, with rationality & foresight – respect & appreciation.

We now realize, that our ability to Live with Purpose, is totally dependent upon a place to share ourselves in productive positivity, with our Sapient Human Family.

A place which had never existed – until now.

Entrance into this Sapient City, requires at the very least – Respect for Life.

Respect – is more than a word however, but a comprehension that:

As compensation for Life – and for the Godlike power Humans were bestowed, to shape all Life on the planet including each other’s – there are grand responsibilities we take on – Naturally, we’re to use our Lives, never to diminish, but to enhance Life.

Which is worth repeating –

Life, Allied – with Life!

What could be more natural, and logical? 

Thus Our Sapient community, shares the overarching goal, of utilizing our combined intelligence, genius and love – for Universal and sustainable improvements, of Life atmosphere & conditions.

Finally stepping up to our Sapient distinction – beyond tribe vs tribe – to Humanity vs Extinction.

Then Beyond Survive – to Thrive.

Here is a Fact, a simple math equation: Whether personally or professionally, the broader the access to our Human family, the greater our potential for success, and a full spectrum Life of happiness.

By accessing the richest vein of wealth in the worldPeople Power, Friendships, Partnerships, & Cultural wealth – the fruit of wisdom, gained during of our separate quarter million-year journeys on & around our mother earth – the dire problems which face us all, can finally be addressed.

In respectful pursuit of universal progress, these remedies will create new sustainable ways of living, which would include Sapient economies.

This is the purpose of Sapient City. 

Humanity’s Common Ground – offers the honored opportunity, to gather and utilize the discarded genius, the discounted and diverted knowledge, which has been tossed like jewels, as if by intention, throughout our Human Family.

Our Sapient Revolution Symbol represents: Sapient Connection & Contemplation – of our Shared Situation – then onto Action.

Outside the circle, are but mere distractions.

From a Humane, Rational Bird’s-eye Perspective, our Shared Situation comes into crystal clarity, as does Humanity’s critical obligation for cooperation, in universally beneficial action.

Without which, we’re caught in the grip of stagnation, which leads to deterioration, and ultimately, self-annihilation.

As, for the Sapient – Life, is not some mysterious force beyond our control – but a gift on a canvas, on which we all have the ability, and indeed, the responsibility, to paint with loving consistency.

So Join Us – Your Sapient Family keenly awaits your valued arrival.

It’s All About Life ~!

Atlas Teru

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