What it means to be a Sapient

When people ask me this question I know they aren’t asking the definition of sapiency, but the deeper question of what it means to the Sapient Revolution.

It’s an easy question to answer for anyone who has lost loved ones, or barely escaped death or dire situations.

During these moments there is a crystal clarity of what life is all about – the frivolities laid bare.

Those things which we fought for, striven towards, worked for, and run away from, are revealed in their absurdity – their foolishness, their ignorance.

The situations and people we ignored – all the beauty we took for granted, and failed to cherish, are seen rushing away from our grasp – too late to taste or touch.

We recognize the choices we should have made, the crucial events we turned our backs on, the short time periods we thought would last forever just for us – because we were too distracted, drugged, drunk or depressed.

Smiles and kindness from others we expected, and deflected with bored nonchalance – Love and kindness used, and tossed away like old newspapers.

Our never ending parade of mistakes, and lapses, breaks us down to our knees in horrific regret – and give us rare insight into how small and feeble we are in comparison to the magnificent grandeur and awesome beauty of a Life – that we have taken for granted.

For a Sapient – the clarity of those moments and the promises we made during them, are carried away with solemn thankfulness.

Full appreciation in the intricate beauty of the simple things we once ignored, takes our breath away.

Like the racist who in war, is carried on the back to safety by one of those he subjected to indignity and hate, we are sober, brightly conscious.

Like the dying patient on the brink of death, who is brought back to Life, and to her family, by one of those whose desperate plight she apathetically ignored – we fully recognize and reverse our past errors – by working side by side especially with those who have directly suffered and survived, as they have invaluable insights.

Life is recognized as the supreme gift in this universe – and every moment full with the awe of wonder.

Life, is recognized as the most precious, precarious treasure we know – One to be protected and lived with humble gratitude.

Life, some rare substance which in all the universe that we know of, only we on this planet share.

Sapient life, that only we Humans share, makes us caretakers of one another and of this planet – our one and only family on our one and only home.

Our Sapient symbol represents – Contemplation of our Shared Situation, from a Bird’s eye Elevation – bringing into crystal clarity, Humanity’s crucial obligation for the realization, of a universal nation.

We see that Life, is not some time period beyond our control – but a gift on a canvas, on which we all have the ability, and indeed, the responsibility to paint with loving consistency.

Accepting this larger purpose, makes the world a better place for us all –  though especially for us, the individuals, as there lay a secret surprise in a gift wrapped box – the key to peace and happiness.

This understanding, this recognition – is the ticket, the password to gain entrance into the beautiful and varied garden of humanity – which enriches a Sapient Life, beyond what most have experienced – a surrounding and envelopment in a radiant warmth of bright comrades – along the astonishing, colorful, musical, Human path.

It’s a secret passage of shared humor, insights, cultures, solace and yes, of Love of each other – not just Toleration but deep Appreciation – of our gorgeous diversity – and a recognition of what connects us all – our Humanity.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru