The Answer to “All Lives Matter”

To all of that have always known that all lives matter, you are already one of us, the Sapient.

If however this statement of “All Lives Matter” in only a response to the Black Lives Matter campaign, then welcome to reality, but there are more realizations in store.

Of course, all lives matter – yet that for some who are speaking those words, the fact that Human Life is equally precious clearly isn’t the issue.

The issue is a long past due acknowledgement – one that should have never been required – that people of African descent – ALSO – have a right to life – a right to LIVE.

The fact that we even need discuss this issue in 2020 is firm evidence that 16th century rhetoric used to justify invasions, colonization, subjugation, exploitation, slavery, racism, sexism, hatred, prejudice and violence, still infects minds today.

Let us get to the core of the anger against the common sense and humane statement of “Black Lives Matter” – which should have in my humble opinion been stated as “Black Lives Matter Too!” thereby taking away the wiggle room to disguise ignorant racism as a valid point of contention.

This argument is a historical remnant of people who have been pitted against one another for 400 years.

Since African slaves arrived in the western world, there has been a resentment from those who lost paying jobs doing the same work.

As an anger deflecting compensation – the dispossessed workers were sold the poisonous liquor of ‘superiority’.

To know how a situation came about gives one insight to understand how to deal with it.

That is not a justification of the hatred which follows – but we cannot address a weed by ignoring the roots.

There is a factual human truth – that must be recognized.

If this truth were universally understood, then hatred of this kind would not exist in this world.

That truth is: Human beings – as a whole – reflect their situation.

We all strive to live in peace, and take care of our families – but very few of us, can do more than what our situation allows – especially when government laws, law enforcement, and societal attitudes, have tossed groups of people into deep holes with towering guarded walls.

Thus if you see groups of people struggling in poverty – or displaying shocking ignorance of the most basic truths about human beings of alternate ethnicities or cultures – it’s not their color which makes it so, but their situation.

Take any individuals of African, European, Asian, Indian, Native, Latino or any other group, raise them with an economically or culturally advantaged ethnic group, and they will believe, behave, and succeed in the same percentages, of those around them.

Reverse it, place a child of any descent into Ghetto, and they will struggle, and many will fall. I have witnessed this fact first hand, numerous times with many people, of many colors.

Any human being – raised with a full belly, and given self esteem, education, family and societal love, will have the most opportunities to shine.

This is not to say that millions of people who live in economic or moral poverty are doomed or damaged.

Humanity represents resilience and adaptability – thus brilliant people, come from all walks of life.

Anyone who believes otherwise, only reveals a lack of education or willful blindness to the full spectrum of genius and beauty that graces this world.

Regardless of the obvious – the question arises by some as to – why African nations and people of color in general are mired in troubles.

For the answer, one need only do a history lesson on the exploitation, and subjugation of peoples and nations by outsiders who – infected by greed and twisted religious ideology to believe – and some still believe – that deadlier weaponry, tactics, and a demented, alternate belief systems and hypocritical disregard for different cultures, is a license and indeed a responsibility to murder, rape and pillage.

These shortsighted, and inhuman notions, although watered down, and hidden behind veils, still persist today.

That said however – evil can, and has infected most human groups or individuals from time to time, in all parts of the world – both directed outside to the ‘others’ – or internally within tribes, societies, within families, and against the self.

From the systemic, to the lone murderer, inhumane thoughts which lead to violence or apathy, are a virus of the mind.

Remember – it’s the situation, not the people. Humans are Human, and we should cease standing on glass pedestals imagining ourselves to be superior in any way – including morally.

Delusions of superiority swell chests with false pride, and mobilizes those with self-esteem issues, and lack of proper role models, into separatism, cruelty, selfishness, apathy, suspicion, fear, hate, violence, and murder.

Ultimately – hate, poisons of the lives of those who swallow it.

People are People – it’s their Situations which need be addressed – on all sides of divides – not their color or location, but their circumstances.

There are people of European descent who are as well, facing many difficulties – and the reasons behind their plights are once again – being misdirected towards the humans on the other side of the walls of belief.

A birds eyes view above the walls, affords the clarity to see that all struggling peoples – no matter their origins – are natural allies, which should be marching together, and helping each other.

We would be the tightest of partners – If not for the 400 years deceptive rhetoric which survives and thrives through voting blocks – that seeks to pit humans against one another – as to separate is to weaken – and to weaken is to control.

So let us dismantle the walls between us – between us sapient beings – because it’s not Tribe vs Tribe, with it’s goal to divide – but Humanity vs Extinction.

Join with us, and let us have that long overdue Family Reunion !

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru

Art by: Norman Rockwell