Magnetic Attraction via Subtraction

There are man-made stones assembled into walls, standing between you, and your ultimate Life.

Friends, Partners, Lovers, and even brief encounters are the facets which comprise the bulk of your Life experiences. We should therefore be highly selective of – the people entry rules – we allow to govern our Lives.

If our entrance policies are not personally and carefully selected, they are most likely corrupted with prehistoric absurdities, dark age myths, and calculated rhetoric.

These archaic fictions, are not simply distractions, but have solid, real time detrimental effects and control, over the context, the vibrancy, and even the duration of our Lives.

Security, Community, Prosperity, Love, and Serenity, are all dependent upon the quality, and the quantity of People, we have in our orbit.

The most prominent examples of prehistoric, Life access entry laws, are found in the subjects of Race, Gender, Ethnicity or Culture.

Race: Before the sciences of genetics, biology and world history, the myth of ‘Races’ were thought of as separate species, or sub-species. Today, those primitive notions should be nothing but embarrassing examples, of our past ignorance.

Science has affirmed our exterior variations, as merely environmental adaptations, nothing more than weather adaptive gear; like skin coats for cold or hot temperatures, to protect against sun, or enhance vitamin D absorption; hair to hold in, or release body heat; eyelids and color to reduce, or allow sun & light – and nostril variations, to cool or warm the air before intake.

To the uninitiated, however, whether in Life experience, or academically, the lines between Human groups, are magnified and distorted by the effects of socioeconomic distress – either by lack of information, or intentional misinformation as to the causes.

Societal underclasses, predominately are the shell-shocked victims of decades, or centuries of economic, health and legal bombardments to their very existence. For any Human, continual attacks to Life, demands a constant state of survival. As a result, their Lives as viewed from outside – compared to those living in safe and supported security – appear crude, uncivilized.

This exterior view of desolate, denigrated, city service abandoned neighborhoods, and the fractured discarded souls that wander the cracked pavements, allows propaganda peddlers, to lead vulnerable minds to the invalid and fatal verdict – that the people themselves, are responsible for their desperate plight.

In reality however, hidden inside the war zones – there are Noble Humans, suffering with dignity in dejection; maintaining humor in hunger; displaying genius in the grip of the grind; creating exquisite beauty from broken dreams – all with courageous will, against centuries of impossible odds.

Yet – millions have, and are dying. Their Magnificent Beauty, and Precious Genius being wasted without a thought – taken for granted like breathing, until we as a society, as a species, are deep under water, and about to drown.

Fact: The Socioeconomic status of any Human Group, only reflects their circumstances – having nothing to do with ethnicity, and everything to do with the enlightenment, or ignorance, of the society in which they find themselves.

Especially In the cases of historical hostile takeovers, colonization and slavery – conditions are controlled, by codes in systems. As by design, structures based on subjugation, are made to funnel and control power, wealth and resources, from the bottom, towards the upper levels. Free or cheap labor, and control over resources, is how empires are built, and maintained.

The penitential build of these societal structures, are far from conjecture – they are as solid as the prison bars and bricks, which surround the ghettos, and have pushed into underclass rural areas – as social diseases circulate.

Societal Systems, not Categories of Humans, are the determining factors whether a people thrive, or struggle to survive.

As proof, you can take any infant from any ethnic group, or social status, and raise it among any other group – and they will turn out exactly like those around them.

This is Not to say, that we as Humans, are under the total control of our circumstances. Humans have, to a certain extent, the ability to rise above and overcome hardships. The experience in doing so strengthens, giving rise to insights, and organizations that improve Lives.

Yes, Humans can absolutely rise above our troubles – yet to do so requires sets of unique, and most times fortunate events to occur in sync, like a rose struggling to rise through a crack in cement.

The vast majority of people caught in chaos however, are blown like seeds from one crisis to the next, never finding that calm in the wind, that break in the storm, to put down roots into fertile soil, and sprout.

We fully waste 90% or more, of our potential genius in this world.


Gender: Females in Human history, have been long walled into roles, which society has tried to enforce for what was thought to be, of benefit to tribes.

These forced domestic roles, have stolen the bulk of Human genius from the treasure chest of Humanity, and our world – for most of Human history.

It’s not the gender, but the circumstances, which obstructed 50% of Human genius from fully and freely enriching our species. In addition have diverted other large segments of Human genius from contributing to our species as a whole, by greed, wars, slavery, subjugation, occupation and colonization.

Some males look around our world, and note the contributions men have made, compared to women – then assume that males are more capable creators and builders – never considering the fact that females were long barred from education, and the opportunities to take part.

Women now are disproving those ancient notions, which have held Humanity back for so long – and now stand to take Humanity to the next phase in our technological, medical, ecological, and societal evolution.

Who else represents Humanity more perfectly than the Female of our species? We as Humans are not the strongest physically, but use our genius to change the world. In reality, we Humans have survived by compassion and forethought, not, as some would like to believe by apathy & violence – which are short-sighted circles of self destruction.

Human Society has so much to learn from our Females – Let us wisely usher in that time, and watch, as Humanity designs the Life Sublime.

Ethnicity: Ethnicity or Cultures, are more complicated. No culture has a monopoly on positive nor negative aspects – and all cultures hold pieces to the puzzle of Life.

Cultures, like our bodies, are adaptations to different geographical environments, and experiences, mostly related to survival of a particular group.

The subject of cultural interactions, even violent invasions, are often confused by the gains both groups find, when cultures converge.

As example, some will say to Americans of African descent, “you should be grateful to be here, instead of wretched Africa. If you don’t like it here, go back to where you came from!”

That way of thinking, is a perfect example of the uneducated rhetoric, which pervades our world.

Let us examine that common, though contemptuous opinion, a bit further.

Americans of African descent, have been in the Americas for hundreds of years longer, than most any other current American citizens – besides the Native Americans.

Over 400 years, since the first slave ship arrived in 1619, America’s wealth was built on the short miserable lives of African slaves – who endured the longest and most barbaric, violent and inhuman treatment in human history.

Though the horrors of slavery are recognized – the contributions Americans of African descent have made to the sciences, innovation, culture, the arts, and the life philosophies learned by living through centuries of adversity, are little known, or unacknowledged – as are the sacrifices for America, in spilled blood, in every war from the beginning.

In addition, the Africa they are told to go back to, would be foreign to a 2nd generation American, let alone after 400 years, the 14th generations.

Last but not least – African continent has been rendered to its current state, by foreign leaders, who ravaged, raped, pillaged, divided, and destroyed. With their greed and shortsightedness, foreign kings like the mass murderer Belgium’s King Leopold II, will one day along with many others, be historically recognized for the genocidal monsters they were.

In their gluttony to strip, and carry as much plunder as they could, back to their foreign nations – from the cradle of Humanity, and many other countries from Asia to the Americas – they fought desperate and deadly wars against one another, setting up a cold inhuman mindset, which would later be fully unleashed, in two world wars – causing the loss of over a hundred million innocent Human Lives.

Yet – there were benefits that Africa, and all other countries gained as well, by their contact with foreigners – and therein lay the roots of confusion.

Advancements, are a result of merging culture, concepts, ideas and insights – but should never be tied to invasions.

There has been contact between diverse peoples, where violence was never a part of the equation – only a trade of ideas, products, and resources.

Culture and Resources are best shared voluntarily, and indeed the degrees of shared information is exponentially higher, when cooperation is the avenue of dispersion, rather than aggression. Thieves and Robbers end up with rings & things, not true gems, that wisdom brings.

Indeed, Our world would be thousands of years advanced – if world explorers were always instructed to find partners, friends & barter, versus places and people to exploit, rend & slaughter.

Why take the violent route ? – When with Humanity, Symbiosis is so easy to find – as we all, are of a kind.

Though it is True – that Amazing advancements were gifted to Humanity from Europe – to ignore the ways and means of these breakthroughs, is a vacuum exploited to negative ends – and prevents us from cultivating the core reality of these processes which allow genius to grow – globally.

Thus we must recognize and admit, that by utilizing resources and information from colonization, including a wealth of medical, architectural, scientific and philosophical concepts, after reclaiming Spain, from the Arabs – who had likewise accumulated an impressive storehouse of wealth and knowledge, from their centuries of invasions – there were as a result, millennia in volumes of documented ideas and concepts, to build upon, and the means to implement the blueprints.

The finance to support the academia, the further research, and world travel however, was blood money.

Beyond the fact that breakthroughs, and developments were made – the lesson to be learned – is Not that Europeans, Arabs, or any other group, is superior in intellect – but that knowledge is passed along from human mind, to human mind, from culture to culture – and most importantly – that Human genius is cultivated best, where science is respected, encouraged, and most importantly, Sponsored.

The Garden of Science grows most readily, when humans are allowed to move beyond the stressful grind of day to day survival – and into a secure peace of mind – with healthy sustenance, fresh air, water, safety, and the confidence, to dream & design.

Genius is a Human Flower – having nothing to do with Race, Gender or Ethnicity – and everything to do, with how we utilize our power.

Let us pause here – as here too lay the seed of another misconception, one that is growing into yet another thorn bush, between Human groups – giving rise to additional species obstructing deeds.

We need also be keenly aware, that Morality, like any other Human attribute, is not the exclusive domain of any group, even within those who were victims of European or Arab expansion.

The ills and mental diseases of Greed, Hate and Violence, has corrupted Humans in every society, and area of the globe.

The effects of these moral diseases, or insanity, are magnified, when the Leaders of countries are infected, thereby tainting whole countries by the actions of a few.

Individual wrongs, are the responsibility of the individual.

Though corrupt veins in a society, make it easy for citizens to follow along crooked trails, most common people are not aware, sometimes willfully so, of the wrongs they are perpetrating – or are tied, right or wrong, to the responsibilities of keeping their own families fed, sheltered and safe.

Most countries today are a part of the destruction, or suppression of some other areas and peoples of the globe. Environmentally, economically, or in countless ways it would take volumes to examine – most of us are culpable.

This is not to say, that we all hide our heads in the sand, nor do all ignore the Sapient wisdom of Human rights – realizing that compassion, is what makes us Human. Nor do we all fail to comprehend, that Foresight concludes that social diseases circulate, even if that cycle takes centuries.

The Sapient Humanists are those, who represent a purest example of our kind. Those who hold onto the the golden core of Humanity, are the Truest Humans among us. As – though it’s difficult to stand up against corruption, when your own lives are on the line, it takes a supreme strength, and purity of morality, to do so, when you have nothing to gain, and everything to lose.

We in America take scant time to fully recognize, and to honor those beautiful brave people of Europe descent, who sacrificed their Lives and even those of their families, to fight against the horrors of African slavery in America.

We are reminded of that gorgeous compassion today, as many people of all colors and backgrounds, join forces to march and fight, against racism.

Let us celebrate all the extraordinary people, who disprove the stereotypes against them, in the strongest, and most brilliant ways possible – by Living Example !

Finally – what does all this have to do with our personal lives?

There major problems with our individual lives as a result of the choices of several leaders in our past or present.

Their choices have created false impressions – on all sides of these artificial divides.

We tend to paint whole groups of people, based on a few corrupt leaders – and the resulting circumstances of those suffering the brunt of those decisions – in broad categories.

Compound these conflicting concepts, with a Human tendency to spread, and to fear group social stigmas – and you have a recipe for rifts & divisions, based on myths & perversions.

It’s an elementary mistake, to see struggling people, and assume that they are somehow deficient mentally, physically, or morally by the current condition of their lives – whilst looking at your own, and believing yourself to be superior.

This false notion, is rendered more potent to the believer, by artificial boosts to self esteem. Feelings of superiority is a drug, which damaged egos are frequently deluded, and recruited by.

As a result, superficial differences between us in gender, exteriors, culture, economics, or ethnicity, have been tied to negative taints, which mark perfectly wonderful people, as untouchable – awesome Humans, who should naturally, be enriching our lives, and we theirs.

Yet – When we Strip away the false rhetoric, the reality of our unique variations in Human beauty, begins to shine through.

A contrast of perspectives, skin tones, facial and body shapes, eye color and hair textures revealed as alluring, attractive, magnetic marvels.

Exotic Accents captivate – Spellbinding are our variations in scents, sights and sounds – Novel viewpoints and experiences entice us, entertain and lift the fog of boredom.

Cultural, and Ethnic diversity, are infused with breakthroughs in health for both body and mind, discovered over thousands of years.

Unique holidays and festivals enliven Lives, while mindsets, attitudes, and novel thoughts, light up our minds.

There is as well, the mystery of increased chemistry, which nature rewards to those who bond with dissimilar genetic stock. Children of mixed ethnic heritage will sometimes gain unique benefits from both parents, wiping out genetic problems.

Physical attraction between diverse couples can be further magnified, due to pheromones and other factors we don’t fully understand.

These perks are only the tip, of a mountain of benefits, which come to our species when we finally begin to assemble, from our diverse storehouse of knowledge and wisdom – the Puzzle of Life.

Magnetic Attraction via Subtraction – delete the misinformation, from the equation, and the attraction between ourselves, prosperity & happiness – and between ourselves and others, amplifies exponentially & intrinsically.

Broadening our Group – multiplies all the Life-giving elements available to enrich our Lives.

~Humanity A gorgeous garden for you to see, ready to tease the most discriminating eyes, ingeniously devised to please.

Be Yourself – Be Sapient ~!

Atlas Teru