If you are interested in our partnership program find out the ways play below.

Here’s is how to begin.

  • Sign up and promote us on social media.

We have created several image ads which will link to anyone you send to our site, and credit you 50% of any support they supply us with their purchases.

You will find them under the term: Creatives – once you register and log into your personal affiliate area.

  • Another fantastic way to drive your viewers through your affiliate link, is to Write about us in your blogs and articles.
  • Besides Placing our banners, you can as well, link to our articles and merchandise on your website.
  • You can also Send your affiliate link to your contacts and email subscribers.

Inside of your affiliate area you will find tools available to assist you in your campaign, from statistics to graphs and more.

Here’s what not to do.

  • Please do not leave your affiliate link on coupon or deal sites. Per our reason for being: Education and societal change, we do not deal with coupons.
  • Do not falsely advertise Sapient City in any manner. Our profile is set in stone, and we take our mission very seriously.
  • Please Do not alter our logos or banners in any way. They are designed with purpose, to stay within our mission. 
  • That said: If you have suggestions for ads which will better reach your particular groups, we are open to allowing you to use your own ads, once approved.
  • That is pretty much it as far as regulations, though we are sure that events will cause us to add or alter the rules from time to time.

One last important answer to a common question: Yes, It’s okay use your affiliate link to discount your own purchases, or for select limited friends.

If you can adhere to these simple guidelines, we invite you to apply.