Go Deeper arrow_drop_down_circle The Vision of Atlas Teru "The key to escaping our Shared
walking death, lay fragmented in
the collective hearts and minds
of those called, the 'Other."

Saying: 'We are One' - not simply words - is Scientific Reality

There is a voiceless instinct which resides in all of us, that communicates in feelings.

Feelings about the state of our lives, of our health, and of our survival.

As evidenced by the epidemic proportions of reality muting drugs, alcohol, and venting mechanisms like hatred, violence, and even apathy, these instinctual feelings are of the worst kind: The pain and frustration - of our Lives being Wasted, or Stolen Away.

As Life - Instinctively, and rightfully so - is the Most Precious Gift we Know.

The horrific truth - is that all of us are simply existing, though not Truly Living.

Not even close.

We move from Boredom to Shock, Anger, Desperation, Hopelessness, Anxiety and to Exhaustion - in never ending circles, until the stress or despondency takes its toll on our health or will to carry on.

Not surprising, when the vast majority of us are severed from the Life enriching, full Family of Humanity.

Yet, despite the universal acceptance and belief that Life, is a state of existence beyond our control - or in government hands, nothing could be further from the truth.

The choices in our Beliefs, dictate the vast majority of the flow of our Lives.

The doors we open or close against our family of Humanity - has a the most profound effect on the quality, and effectiveness of our lives.

The corridors to Friendships, Partnerships, and Opportunities to live diverse, empowered and peaceful lives, are totally controlled by the doors of our beliefs.

Both as individuals and as a species - doors of belief, decide our fate.

It is Belief, that has Humanity - who lives all, in one boat - paddling in opposing directions, and clubbing each other over the head - while our fragile boat is circling that gaping vortex of extinction.

Isn't it long past time to cease 'Believing' - and begin Discovering the universal realities of humanity - and of Life itself?

"Life - is What we Decide together - by How we Treat each other."

Viewing our planet from orbit, we can see that we're One Species without a doubt. Our construction and affects on this planet reveal us.

Our pollution and destruction also reveals a species on the fast track to self annihilation - unless we begin to act in sapient cohesion.

Universal cooperation simply requires a course correction in self identify.

Allowing ourselves to be labeled and sorted into manufactured containers such as race, nations, religions and such - keeps us powerless and blind to the universal human truths.

Though not a human identifying category - Culture is a distinction worthy of note, as all cultures hold pieces to the puzzle of life.

If we combine a distant view of the planet, with a species mindset beyond the illusions of race or borders, shapes begin take form - like puzzle pieces - answers to problems from one culture to another - that only need slide into place.

As the wise realize, answers to most situations lay just beyond our willingness look in alternate directions.

Each and Every branch of Humanity has gathered valuable insights through one hundred thousand year journeys around our mother earth.

Now is the time to compile and apply these gems of cultural wisdom - for the sake of the species.

This period in Human history will mark a turning point for the survival of our species - yet it will also bring about a golden period of personal happiness - and a firm grasping of that elusive element which drives us internally: Purpose.

One can not help but ponder however, if the equal distribution of these keys to Life, were coincidental or by intention?

Humans are in fact, designed to share and assist one another, and science has proven it.

What are not seen from the cold reaches of space, are the untapped, invisible connections between us human beings.

Like mystical twins, there is a bond which ties our fates together.

It's only an illusion that One human hurt another - without being psychologically and physically damaged in return - the same as by poisoning our world, we poison ourselves.

As proof: Science has observed and documented a direct correlation, with personal acts of kindness - to boosts in our immune systems.

Incredibly, that same effect occurs for the person receiving the kindness - and even for bystanders who simply witness a positive act.

Humanity lives not only on oxygen, water and food, but on giving and receiving beneficence.

Kindness for Humanity, equals Life, and in numerous ways.

The fate of the Individual, is a microcosm reflecting the fate of the Species - as positive cells control life quality, and longevity of the human body.

Likewise, foresight and caring for our planet will reflect Earth's viability, and thus Humanity's.

The opposite is also true.

Cruelty and Apathy are ultimately self destructive - by creating stress hormones and deadly cells which diminish the quality or span of life.

Like internal implosive safety mechanisms, evil eventually self destructs to protect the integrity and survival of the species.

And again - moving up in size to the planet dimension, the health of our earth - is linked to our actions or inaction.

The Connected Three - controlled by our human Beliefs; our cells, our species, and our planet.

The natural core of Humanity is Harmony - as the only way we will survive, and thrive with our growing populations - is with cooperation and consensus, born of foresight and scope of vision to the reality of our shared destiny.

So please - Help us open eyes, minds and hearts.

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