Slide SAPIENT COGNIZANCE If your word and associations are as important to you, as they are to us, then we complement each other. FULL-PARTNERSHIP We don't have tiers, or play games with your time, or your money.
It's a 50/50 split from start.
FUTURE REWARDS The future support from your referrals are forever awarded
to you at full the 50% rate.
Partnering with Sapient City, is more than a bridge to income, it's a path to positive purpose.
And making a positive difference, turns existence, into living, while creating a better world, for us all.


If you are interested in our partnership program find out the ways play below.

Here’s is how to begin.

  • Sign up and promote us on social media.
  • Write about us in your blogs and articles.
  • Place our banners and links to our articles and merchandise on your website.
  • Send your affiliate link to your contacts and email subscribers.

Here’s what not to do.

  • Please do not leave your affiliate link on coupon or deal sites.
  • Do not falsely advertise Sapient City in any manner.
  • Do not alter our logos or banners in any way.
  • You cannot offer unofficial discount or coupon codes.

It’s okay use your affiliate link for your own purchases or for select limited friends. However, reselling is not allowed.

If you understand and agree with the information above, then, we invite you to apply.

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