A Sapient Pandemic Guide

I’ll keep this short and to the point, as Time = Life.

Every choice we make in Life comes with trade-offs. There are no consequence free thoughts, or actions. This reality, is both a blessing or a curse, depending upon direction – either towards daylight, or to shadows – towards wisdom, or to ignorance – towards Life – or down the path of Death.

Having dedicated many decades of study to pathogenic microbes, after barely surviving many bouts of deadly pneumonia and flu, I can tell you without reservation, that these killers invisible to the naked eye – like faulty beliefs – are one of Humanity’s most deadly enemies, as they hitchhike on our Human need for affection and company.

Some believe that we are sick or not, infected or not, however, these notions are dangerously flawed.

We could be carriers of deadly germs without showing symptoms or triggering tests, as germs can hide in latent form, sit in body parts, or on hairs triggered to strike at a later time when our immune response is distracted, compromised, or when in proximity to a new host.

Our ability to carry and infect others can remain, even post vaccination.

Therefore, framing the question of masks, as one of citizen’s rights, is simply wrong.

To argue that one has a right NOT to wear masks, as if it’s a constitutional argument – when clearly, it’s Not – isn’t about personal freedom from masks, but is in reality, demanding the freedom to freely, haphazardly, uncaringly infect others, with a deadly virus.

The true Rights, are the ones which allow us, the highest degree of public safety we are entitled to.

If this act of public respect, and concern for life, comes at the cost of a bit of comfort, so be it.

Discomfort, is a small price to pay to save human lives. How selfishly self entitled, are we going to allow ourselves to become?

The fact that these common sense precautions, can be viewed any other way, outside of the reality, of the common good, is a stark example of how push button topics like “freedom & patriotism” are utilized to direct people against their own preservation – and just for political or financial gain.

This isn’t at all about liberty, or imagined foes, who are scheming to take it away from us – it’s a fight against a mindless virus – an equal opportunity killer.

Even attempting to link our human struggle against this virus, with the topic of personal freedom, is an irrational insult of the highest order.

Sapient Rationality – isn’t simply a choice, but a necessity, and not only to fully engage, and live a life, but for individual and species survival.

A Sapient Mindset – is like that of one who has miraculously survived a brush with death.

Life from that moment on, takes on a crystal clear and colorful, brilliant, and beautiful meaning. We soberly comprehend – how delicate the strand, how vulnerable, and how splendidly magnificent – is this gift of Life.

The precious nature of our Loved Ones Lives, is likewise, never in doubt, thus each moment, each day with them, is Lived like our last.

A minute, an hour, a day, a week isn’t worth a trade of the balance of your Life – or the ones you Love.

Regret for Loss of Life, is a pain more difficult to endure, than any other – because it’s irreversible and irrevocable.

So when faced with a temptation, an impulse, and urge to discard common sense, or to believe, even for a second, that rationalizations hold some sway over reality – Please, Make the Sapient Choice – as the Sapient Being, you in fact Are.

Take a Bird’s Eye View,..

Atlas Teru